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The Identity of the Red Haired Man [Found?]

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Previous theories concerning the ginger being the killer or involved are mere speculations. But which conclusive evidence do we have so far about his true identity?

We know he is a cab driver, and was also in the apartment complex of Prince Lawrence. I also found another interesting piece of evidence. The boy that cried wolf has nothing to do with the Red Haired Man. His real name is Crispin Cordwainer and he works for Cinderella's show shop. You can find him in the Fables encyclopedia on page 26.

Here is also a link an info page about him, including a picture:

What do you guys think? Is he more than a random character in the Fables universe?

  • Maybe but it wouldn't really explain why he's the taxi driver

  • I fought I will be the first one!
    I just find out who is "the killer" (it is still just a speculation) during my girlfirend's play.

    Ok, so lets start:
    Usually, taxi drivers are invisible (I am refering to Sherlock tv series ;) ), so I fought that I will better take a look on number plate of the car... in the scene where Bigby with Snow is heading to the Pub - coz everyone knows that she is gonna be murdered after that (anyway, faith also could take a lift). Unfortuneatly... no numbers... but what I saw later... it was the same red head guy from one of first scenes (haircut/haircolour/face which is visible during the conversation about the murderer). There is a possibility that he put the head on stairs! Good timing! Ok! We have a suspect number one!
    But... from with fairytale he is come from?

    At the beginning (i didnt know at this time bout the redhead) I thougtbout Cinderella... coz there was too many references to her. Shop. (which fits to this readheaded guy to which HereIsNoWhy refers), her page just next to Faith page and a lot of references in "symbols book" - even china hall.

    Right now I think it is a "headless rider" or "pumpkinhead"/"jack'o'latern". unfortuneatly, no hard evidences just suspicions.
    There is no info bout him in fables book... all the others are explained. Pumpkin as a symbol of farm. Pumpkin = red head. Connection to Ichabod. Weapon = axe. Headless. Decapitation. Connection to Cinderella - pumpkin cart.
    Vorpal blade from book of symbols - dacapitation and Alice in wonderland... Pumpkinhead!

  • plot twist: it is regular mundy working in 2 shifts as taxi driver and courier to be able to pay the bills for 2 kids and disabled wife B-)

  • If we see Cinderella than we can't see him. If we see him than it ain't Crispin.

  • Someone told me that this red head guy could be the gingerbread man (red heads are often called gingers as a joke). The only problem with this theory is that in the gingerbread man fable he gets eaten by a fox NOT a wolf. But I've been hearing that maybe this red headed guy isnt part of this plot to get rid of Bigby because he wants revenge but because a lot of people dont trust Bigby (as Colin had said earlier).

  • Thank you no one else will even listen I have been trying to tell them its most likely crispin from Cinderella's shoe store the glass slipper he can be seen clearly in the fables encyclopedia page 26
    Another thing is that bigby is not the wolf from the boy who cried wolf
    and the wolf from that was a normal sized one bigby has not bern small since he was a cub and even if he was the boy was not scared of the wolf he was only using it to get attention

    • Actually the boy that cried wolf lied so there was something going on and not boredom. Bigby hears him and approaches and waits till no one believed the boy, becoming hungry as he waited so he could eat the boy's sheep. The boy ends up being scared and since no one believes him Bigby eats his sheep and says that the boy shouldn't have lied while eating the last sheep.

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