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Languages, what TT could do: Episodic Translations.

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Why Telltale cannot tranlslate each episode separately after every release date instead of waiting for the season to finish?
They can release the english version of an episode on "day X" (i.e. November 1st) and localize it through a patch on "day X + 30 days" (i.e.: November 30th). Or when it's done.

It would be fantastic to have translations, even if after some weeks but still adherent to the original episodic release model.... instead of waiting for months for the season DVD release.

Positive aspects of an in-season translation: increase of worldwide spectrum of customers, scheduled translating work, shorter translation times (episode<season), unaltered episodic model for customers, translations not impacting the original english release date, translations focused on a finalized product (episode is already out!), localization patch system already present in TT engine (as happened to the digital versions of TWD), and avoid the famous "no language support" bad point on foreign review magazines.

So: why to wait months for the complete series to start localizations? Wouldn't it better translating each episode separately?

Is it a bad idea?

Why can't it work?

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