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Register purchased games

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I have bought "The Walking Dead", "The Walking Dead: Season 2" and the "The Wolf Among Us" (Stephen Colbert style joke :)) games through Steam. Is there a way I can register the games on the Telltale Games site or is this available only for purchases made from the Telltale store?
Will this feature be available in the future or is this not something that will be made available?

Thank you!

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Your games page on the Telltale site only lists games that you purchased through Telltale, or through third party companies that redeem through the Telltale store.

    Telltale uses the information on your Telltale game page to determine if you're eligible for deals that are only redeemable to people who purchased from this site directly (or from a third party that redeems through the Telltale Store), such as the end of the season bonus DVDs, so it's not a future they'll likely add in the future since it would likely cause too much confusion as to who is eligible for what.

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