Ideas For The Events Of "Faith"

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Warning This may contain spoilers about the comic book as well.

Man, that was some episode. So, here are my thoughts... the big controversy about the guy with the red hair is the killer (or at least someway connected to the killer)
I agree that he is someway connected so let's see who this guy could be.
Some think he is the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" while others think he is the "Crooked Man"
I also read that he is Crispin Cordwainer, the man at the Glass Slipper Shop.
I think the last one is the most logical (given the red hair) but that might not explain why some people see him twice at the same time. There is about 7 appearances assuming the dwarves Comic Book Spoiler Snow kills the dwarves. Of course Snow's severed head is on the steps so let's not take anything for granted.
So why do they know about Faith, Woodsman Apartment, and Prince Lawrences?
I believe Crane hired the man, but why that man?
Because I want to believe that the man is just The Tweedles in Glamour.
Think about it... When Dee was getting chased by Bigby, why was the red head in the apartment?
When Bigby was confronting Dee who was there to help him? Dum.
Of course that won't explain why Bigby doesn't recognize him in the cab. (Maybe he has a cab just for him?)
You also saw him outside the Trip Trap Bar before you head inside. Maybe Dum (The cab driver) is just informing Dee on where Bigby wants to go.
So some people that also might have done something are... Colin since they looked like they were sort of arguing and he also mentions about the way Bigby was looking at Snow.
Beauty since she never actually tells you anything about why she is so suspicious (granted, it looks like she in a cop uniform waiting for Bigby, with a gun on the preview page for Episode 3 "Crooked Mile")
Beast- does anyone else think that the fabric kind of looks like Beast's? He might have thought he saw Beauty, hopped the fence and left some blood. Of course, he didn't have a tear.
Dude with the hat- He has sort of matching jeans with a scar and plus, he looked to be in shock to see you.

I know that was a lot, but what do you think of the whole situation?

By the way, at the end of the episode when you decide who to catch, where does Woodsman think he's going? I mean I've seen videos and it did not look like there were windows or a door in there.


  • With all the theories out there, I'm confused. But hopefully we'll find out the answers to this questions in the next week or two.

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