THINK EARLY - the X-mas 2013 present help thread

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This is how it works: You're describing the person you'd like to give presents to, their interests and peculiarites, so other people can make present recommendations.

Make sure these people don't know you're registered here. ;)

Here's some people to kick the thread off.

34yr female
bookseller, yet a bit out of practice. Prefers the really weighty old Russian stuff.
Movies: B/W short artsy film (loved The Artist, of course), utter 60s sci-fi nonsense. Old-style: Loves to write long letters by hand (and receive them), practically offended by long emails or printed letters.

33yr male
absurd fan and needless follower of apple products. Doesn't even own a DVD player any more.
Tries to get rid of physical books altogether. Favorite series ever: Star Trek - Next Generation (loves sci-fi, but his GF unfortunately doesn't). Thorough interest in listening to and making music, focus on prog rock (I think!), heroes Helfgott and Rachmaninov, absolute mastery of the piano (cover band etc.), also plays the guitar, accordion, even flutes occasionally, music software.

55yr male
electrician, but thoroughly out of practice. Hands out blinking LED thingamajigs for X-mas routinely. Loves these thingamajigs himself, but consequently already possesses a house full. Keen interest in model railways, but never ever finds the time to build anything with the stuff he has already collected. Organist and practically church warden, where he sets up sound systems, often at his own expense.


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