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Game of the year Version

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I know this is the same game but this has behind the seances and lots more especially 400 days on the disc!
So excited to get that!
Have any of ya'll played 400 days or pre order the game of the year version of TTGs The Walking Dead?

  • I really want the behind the scenes stuff. Unfortunately I am not going to see it, as I will never going to preorder it in the Telltale shop (with all the complications many people had in the past, prefer steam). On the other hand why should I pay for something I already got (all episodes + DLC)? It's just a new package and Behind the scenes stuff, and the last thing is what I want so badly. I'd even pay for only the BTS and background info if it was possible. What a shame.

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      Jennifer Moderator

      This isn't the same as the season two bonus disc, since there won't be one for season one (although it's similar in content). It will be be sold at retailers all over North America for $30 (as far as I know, it's a North American exclusive, at least for now).

      I haven't pre-ordered it (and most likely won't, since it comes out in only 5 days), but I'm tempted to pick it up just for the fact that it contains the soundtrack. Knowing me, I'll probably cave in if I see it in the store.

    • The only complication I've ever had was that briefly they couldn't deliver by the normal method, so they gave me a Steam key for the game and I could still download it directly from Telltale. But then when 400 Days came out, they gave me a copy free for buying the original directly from Telltale, plus the Steam key for that. And I got a Steam key for The Wolf Among Us, even though I pre-ordered the game directly from Telltale and I can download it from them.

      • That's nice, some people said it's not sure for 100% that you'll get the steam key though :(

        • Except in the case of the early distribution problem, they didn't give any explanation for why I was getting the other Steam keys, so I don't know what to tell you.

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          Jennifer Moderator

          That's not true if you pre-ordered. If you didn't pre-order, you won't get a Steam code, since the Steam code was only offered because of the Telltale store delay to allow the people who pre-ordered from the Telltale store to play the game on release.

          If you ordered The Wolf Among Us on or before the release date from the Telltale store (or redeemed a code in the Telltale Store on or before the release date) you got a code. And those who didn't receive the code automatically (since some were missed since the Telltale support staff went through the order database by hand when sending out codes, since it's not possible to automate it since only pre-orders were eligible, not all orders) were able to get a code by sending an e-mail to

          The Telltale store is the best place for PC and Mac Telltale games in my opinion (due to the bonus DVD for just the cost of shipping you usually receive afterward). I've been ordering from the Telltale store since they started selling games in 2005, and all the problems they've ever had were resolved in a very satisfying manner (giving you a refund and a free game code if you pre-ordered Jurassic Park when it was delayed, giving pre-orders of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us a Steam code when they were slightly delayed so people who pre-ordered the game could play the game on release). It's that over and beyond treatment of customers that keeps me a fan of Telltale (note that while I'm a moderator, I'm still just a fan... I'm not staff, I just volunteer some of my free time to help around the forums). They really do give their Telltale store customers a lot for their money.

  • For those of us who aren't preordering GOTY edition: Best case scenario, some good samaritan uploads the BTS stuff to YouTube.

  • Normally, I go for the deal where after all the episodes are out I can get the DVD copy for shipping, but they don't seem to have offered that for Walking Dead 1. Did I just miss it?

  • acutely I got a good deal on Amazons prim deal!
    sounds like a good deal for 30 bucks or less to me

  • The soundtrack alone is what makes this worth it.

  • 400 days matters to me if it's on the disk witch it is

  • I think I'll wait to see if the 360 disk works for people first, and whether or not they ironed out a few of the bugs that the first release had.

  • I have a PS3 so U KNOW still games

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