• A majority will agree, and disagree, just based on opinions, but his family died, he didn't get a chance to say goodbye or anything at all, and I don't think he had anyone teaching him how to stay strong and live on his own like Lee did to clem, but I kind of hated him, liked him, for me he's like meh. xD

  • You mean some people hated Ben... what?.

    No but seriously like all characters if you dislike him and are awful to him he comes across as way worse . And while he is dumb throughout the game his character is more interesting than some of the ones that may be nicer but not really do anything plot wise.

  • I disliked Ben as a person, but enjoyed Lee's many ups and downs with him, narratively. I pitied him, as well. It's much like how I feel about Kenny, except Kenny had more admirable qualities (and more outright detestable ones, too).

  • Hate? That is a strong word but me? Never, he's coward, worthless but still I understand him.

  • I'm neutral towards Ben, but his characterisation in Episode 4 was a little too frustrating at times, especially with how forced the hatchet scene played out.

  • I don't hate Ben, but i believe that he just has ( or had) a lot to learn.

  • I hated him up until he asked me to drop him, when I immediately felt sorry for him. When I learned that he hated himself, and wanted so badly to die because he felt he was useless and stupid, I wanted nothing more than to pull him up and help him get better.

    Then my finger slipped before I could switch to "Pull Ben Up". Woopsies.

  • I personally liked him untill I found out for sure he basically got Carly killed. (had suspicions but no proof till he confessed.) After that he just pissed me off. Looking back on things though he had it rough, and tried to do the right things, but was just constantly failing. As I heard from someone on these forums, "he was a dumbass, but he was OUR dumbass."

  • Better question would be, did anyone like Ben?

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