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what about Morgan? spoilers?

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What if we come across Morgan in our travels as Clem? I think it could be interesting depending on where in Morgan's story we meet him (if we do.) If we see him, and it's after he loses his son, would he look at Clem as a daughter? Or if it was before he lost his son would Clem be looked at as a threat in some way? Maybe the PAX picture had Morgan's son sitting next to Clem? So many interesting possibilities if Morgan comes into season 2 at some point. IMO he would be a perfect addition to season 2, and could even make a great main character.

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    Butt-head BANNED

    I'd like to come across Captain Morgan. Private Stock.

  • How about my namesake, Dr. Robert Morgan? (aka THE LAST MAN ON EARTH)

  • lol everyone's got jokes but no opinions?

  • Personally, I'd prefer TTG kept comic cameos down to a minimum. Their hands are always going to be tied when it comes to characters from the comics, because they don't want to cause any discrepancies. With original characters, TTG has more or less complete freedom to make those characters (and story) go in whatever direction they want.

    • TT said in the reddit thing it wasn't canon to the comics or the tv show. Morgan isn't really a regular character in the comics or the tv show anyway though which is why I think he would be a good character to add to the game. His story isn't really developed at the moment, so there wouldn't be much to worry about when it comes to discrepancies IMO. I just think it would be cool if we could learn more about what he did in all the time when he went m.i.a.

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