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Telltale Secret Santa 4

posted by Jennifer Moderator on - last edited - Viewed by 2.7K users

We've held a Secret Santa here at the Telltale forums every year since 2010. It's traditionally run by Ribs and divisionten. But since it didn't look like there'd be one this year, due to the mass migration of a lot of the old users from the forum, I decided to host it this year. I enjoy the tradition and don't want it to end, and these forums could use some holiday cheer.

(Forgive the quick copy/paste of the Telltale Secret Santa 3 post by Ribs last year. He said everything so well, there's no way I could top it.)

Games must be gifted through Steam, no exceptions
As with last time, there's no firm maximum, but please don't go overboard with your gifting. Most people only spend between ten and twenty dollars on their gift as a maximum. Also, there's a minimum of $2.50/£2 so we don't get anyone buying Fortix or something silly like that.
You MAY send gag gifts (like BRATZ or THE MAGIC CRAYON something silly, but it DOES NOT COUNT towards your gift. Also, don't send a more expensive gag gift than your real one. It'll probably get regifted anyway)
Also, those who do join must have a post count of 60 or more and joined the forum prior to October 2013. Just trying to keep potential scammers out. :)

Sign Ups:
To sign up, please send the email your Steam account is associated with and your Steam name by Private Message via my profile. Then, please post in this thread so I can keep a running list of those who are signing up - you must do both of these before the deadline, so we can get started without a problem as soon as possible! It's highly recommend you simultaneously post your Steam Wishlist in this thread, so the people who are gifting you at least have some idea what kind of game you'd like. The period for entry ends one second before the Steam Holiday Sale begins, and the period to gift ends one second before said sale ends. I'll then try and get everyone's target to them as soon as possible.

As per last year's seemingly very effective strategy, gifts will be sent via proxy to maintain anonymity. I will provide more details when it is time to assign targets.

List of Participants:
Darth Marsden

The main rule, as always, is to have a good time! Any questions can either be PM'd to me or asked in the thread itself.

Happy Holidays,

  • Ah... I'm actually starting one of these over at Double Fine.

    -hides, leaves note-

    @Note "I'm happy to join in with this one though!"

  • I discovered the Telltale Secret Santa last year but it was too late, and I promised myself that this year I wouldn't miss it. It's a pity that the old forums (and a lot of the old good people) are gone now, but I won't miss it anyway!

    EDIT: Here is my Wishlist, but you can be creative. Only, please, consider that I HATE FPS.

  • i'd love to join but im a bit tight on money at the moment, maybe next year if there is one.

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      Jennifer Moderator

      Hopefully we'll have one next year. Like I said, I really enjoy the tradition, so I'll definitely try to start one next year at least. :)

      I'm going to be a bit strapped for cash myself this year (partly because I'm participating in Double Fine's Secret Santa this year too). You have time before it starts (rumor has it that the Steam Holiday sale will run from December 19th to January 2nd). So if you do decide want to join, don't worry too much about the money. As it says, the minimum is $2.50 (and $5-$10 is pretty standard, I spent somewhere between that myself last year, I believe). It's the thought that counts, after all. :)

  • Hey I still look around here sometimes!

    Though you're right there was no plan to hold one this year...

  • By the way, how can I find Double Fine's Secret Santa? I've searched in DFAF and didn't success. I haven't posted much there anyway, I just read Broken Age updates.

  • Hey guys! waving

    How can I join this awesome game! When do we start?

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      Jennifer Moderator

      Hi folklorin! I see you joined in October, but you only have a post count of 2. As it says above, we usually have an October minimum registration date (which you meet) and a minimum 60 post count requirement (which you don't meet). The reason why we do this is that we want to keep out potential scammers. However, seeing as your posts are non-abusive and non-abrasive, I'm willing to overlook that requirement since we could use some more Secret Santas. I just require that you promise that you'll send a gift through Steam (with a minimum of $2.50) to me so that I can send it to the person who is chosen for you. Please make sure that you do this, since if you don't, I'll have to send a gift myself and you'll be blacklisted from any Secret Santas in the future.

      To join, you need to send me a private message via my profile with your Steam username, and I'll send you a friend request so that you can be part of the festivities.

      It begins when the Steam Holiday Sale starts and ends when the Steam Holiday sale ends (rumored to be from December 19th to January 2nd).

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    Jennifer Moderator

    I'm going to be splitting my wishlist in half (as suggested at the Double Fine forums) so that I can do both the Telltale Secret Santa and the Double Fine Secret Santa (I have to actually fill up my wishlist first). I guess I'll post my Telltale wishlist here once I have it split, unless anyone has any objections (since my post will basically just be the games I wish for, and I don't want to fill this topic up needlessly.

    If anyone else is doing Double Fine's Secret Santa too, are you planning on doing this too, or do you have a better suggestion? (I've never participated in two Secret Santas at the same time).

  • I'm hosting the DFSS, so I'm declaring myself a non-participant in the gifting part, since I'll have enough on my plate.

    So it's just here. :)

  • @Jennifer If anyone else is doing Double Fine's Secret Santa too, are you planning on doing this too, or do you have a better suggestion? (I've never participated in two Secret Santas at the same time).

    Since Darth Marsden created a Steam group for the DFSS it could be a possibility to just merge these two Secret Santas on a neutral middle ground over on Steam. I'm not sure how that would work with the guessing who your secret Santa part though. I haven't really thought it through. Just a thought.

  • All right, I'll play this year as well. PMing my Steam information now.

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