Two Camps at War

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Imagine another direction S2 could take, where instead of merely siding with one person or the other, such as Kenny and Lily, you're forced to choose between two survivor groups locked in mortal combat.

Suppose for a moment if the game HAD allowed you to leave with Lily in the RV, and the entirely different course you could have charted for episode 3. Not just alternate dialogue or relationships, but alternate environments and settings. Now, crank that up to a larger scale, where two survivor camps are locked in war over supplies or something similar. Which group would Clementine join under the circumstances?


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    I thought the two camps at war were fans and their thoughts on Kenny being in season 2. I strongly oppose ruining Kenny's xharaxter in season two by having him lead a group of people in wzr against Lilly.I would rather see Colin from TWAU lead a group on Hershel's farm.

  • Kind of like The Witcher 2, where choosing who you trust in the first chapter can determine your associations for the rest of the game.

    It would be a bit of a gut punch if I was forced to choose between two groups that I liked or didn't know much about, but I think that finding a way to deal with a rival camp of actual characters could be more interesting than dealing with another group of mindless bandits.

  • Maybe but if this route was taken it would have a lot work to provide the two different outcomes. Honestly I feel Clem will be caught in the middle and eventually both communities will fall due to the fighting and the remaining members will be forced to unite to survive.

    I do feel there will be two groups at war or if not that a real antagonist

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