Ever wish you could just slap Christa?



  • I was actually trying to save Omid, but the game wouldn't let me. I ended up running out of time trying to get Omid onto the train, they jumped on by themselves and all that, and they were MAD. So I replayed the scene to try again. It still wouldn't let me pick Omid. Oh well. Sisters before misters. So then I was among the 60% who saved Christa. ^_^

    TheMissus posted: »

    I liked Christa. She always said what she was thinking straight into your face. Yeah, she used to be bitchy at times but it was clea

  • YouTube poop? 'Cause that's what that reminds me of.

    Lee: the power of the pimp hand!
    Christa: Trust me, it works!
    lee: Shut up bitch!


    RoboSheriff posted: »

    God power keeps my pimp hand strong.

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