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Season 1 character

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There are a lot of characters where we don't off if they are death or not (or it depends on your choice if you know their fate or not) i am talking about:

  1. Glenn ( who was last seen driving off seeking his family)

  2. Lily (left behind on the road or drove off in the camper with fuel for 30 miles)

  3. Molly (ran away from the zombies and wasn't seen after that)

  4. Christa and Omid (last seen on the rooftops in Savannah)

  5. Kenny (tried to save ben or christa in the alley but was closed in by zombies. Telltale said that we discover kenny's fate in season 2)

Do you think someone will return?


  • Well Molly only runs if you fail to shoot the zombie and clementine is not with you. She leaves because she wants to be by herself. Just giving theories now. There is a theory that christa and omid were walking back and ran into Vernon and the boat. He then offered them to go on the boat. (Since we don't see the other cancer survivors they were in 400 days) I don't really believe the theory itself I think it's possible. Or you meet up with Clem and christa has her baby. Glenn I think is in the tv show and yeah.. Lily could possibly be in it but I think if she is then Christi omid and Kenny won't be in it. She could be at the community maybe c:

  • Kenny yes we'll see him but honestly him being alive would be a bit of a stretch

    Lilly,Molly and Christa/Omid are possibilities

    Glenn (and Hershel) are both mains from the Comic/TV show and even if they don't tie in anymore bringing them back would just confuse people.

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    We wont know for sure until we play the game, but gosh I hope so, dammit Lily, you just had to kill Carley didn't you :(

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