• It's entirely possibly we'll find out the killer in the very next episode. Or it could be episode 5.

    We just don't know.

  • I don't believe we will know who the killer is until at least episode 4. Could we see him or her before then? Possibly.

  • At any rate I'm positive that there will be a shift away from murders in the coming episodes.
    I think that the murder of Faith was to draw in Bigby, and noe Snow's death is used to bring the news of the killer to all of Fabletown. Even if the Mundy police hadn't found the head, if a member of the town council went missing, people would wonder why.
    There's no way Bigby can keep it all under wraps now. I think the killer has put fear into the people, so that phase is complete.

  • I think we'll see all the suspects in the next 2 episodes, Bigby puts things together and finds out who the killer is in episode 4, and kills the killer without a trial in episode 5.

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