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Did Clem kill her babysitter?

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Played through season one a few times and the start always seemed to bother me. The walkerfied babysitter gets the jump on Lee, but how did she die?

The following is an over thinking of an inconsequential situation, wall of text incoming.

When Lee gets to Clem's house all the doors and windows are closed and the backyard is secure and clear of walkers (Doesn't mean much in itself as Clem could have influenced this state). Therefore if the babysitter was killed by a walker it should still be around or the babysitter could have followed the group mentality and left with other walkers.

It's possible she was killed and took some time to turn after the walker had left, becoming a lurker just waiting for a living creature. But the pool of blood in the kitchen is still fresh, which suggests she wasn't killed too long ago. And the child sized footprints to the drawer with the walkie-talkie (How many of these things does Clem have...) implicate Clem as being there after the pool was formed.

Now we don't know anything about upstairs as the bookcase blocks access. It is possible that the babysitter was attacked upstairs and has barricaded the walker up there.

The answering machine hasn't been accessed in a few days which would indicate that Clem has at least been living in her tree house for that long. The messages highlight the start of the outbreak in Savannah. Not knowing where the outbreak started and which direction it spread, assumption here is that it hit Savannah before Atlanta, it all means that the babysitter was dead before the outbreak got to Atlanta. This contradicts the fresh blood however (do walkers bleed red blood?).

When Lee is finally attacked Clem offers the hammer and is not even moved by her babysitter receiving sever cranial trauma, Clem clearly has no relationship with her sitter and is not concerned by a stranger being in her house that she earlier saw shoot a police officer in the head.

So my theory is that Clem isn't such an innocent child. Her parents left her at home with a sitter to take a holiday, was she grounded and not going a punishment or was it their anniversary and they wanted time away alone? We latter learn her parents often go to Savannah and stay at the same place which indicates a pattern of them leaving Clem with a sitter.

This could lead Clem to resent her sitter, maybe she took her walkie-talkie away which caused Clem to snap. And her parents never instilled a sense of 'stranger danger' to her as she is all too willing to leave her house and go with Lee, someone who she would have seen in handcuffs and killed a walkerfied police officer. Spolier She also goes with the stranger so readily to find her parents.

I feel that Clem isn't such an innocent and naive child and was responsible for her sitters death. This could also be why she accepts Lee so easily as they both share the same secret of murder. Therefore she sees Lee as someone she can become and that murder doesn't mean you are necessarily a bad person in all situations.

So what do people think, did Clem kill her babysitter?

  • No um she was killed a couple days into the infection by zombies. Clem was in the treehouse when she died.

  • walkers got in the house and killed her

  • Wow, I just had my mind blown. Very interesting and well put together theory, even though I doubt it, you deserve some praise and more after almost making me think our little Clementine is the new Orphan girl.

  • It really doesn't make any sense - no signs of forced entry/exit, so that rules out the walker idea. The blood is fresh, yet the machine has unread messages, unless the messages were really recent and were sent in a small timeframe, which as I'm typing makes more sense. There's a lot of blood so that rules out an internal illness like asthma or diabetes (unless I am mistaken). I would guess something around the lines of suicide, but there's no knife or gun. The whole situation just doesn't make sense. Then again she could have been bit, and asked Clem to kill her, so Clem tried, but just made a lot of blood, but her clothes aren't bloody at all.

    I was with you until the grounded part, by which I don't believe Clem would murder for such a petty thing. Then again, this could just be me being blind to Clem's psychopathic side.

    • Probable bet is she went outside to see what the flip was going on, got bit, and ran back into the house to hide from the monsters. Or she saw that everything had gone to hell and tried to kill herself via exsanguination.

  • If you remember the child in the attic in Episode 4 where Kenny thought it was Duck. It seems that kid died from starvation and turned, so you don't necessarily have to be bitten to turn to a walker. Just like Ben also mentions in Episode 2 i think.

  • i think this was just a plot hole in the story. i'm thinking the babysitter probably hurt herself badly to some degree and bleed out. its just part of the story we will never know. unless telltale decides to show what clem did at the start of all this in some kind of dream cycle.

  • Clem is clearly horrified when you bash the babysitter's brain in.

  • I have a theory what could've happened to her:

    Sandra, the Sitter told Clem to go to the tree house because she was expecting some teenage quarterback for a nookie and didn't want Clem to interrupt them. Unfortunately he got bitten before. After the course they fell asleep - bitch forgot to bring Clem back inside, quarterback died during sleep and... You know the rest. Clem heard her death screams. Serves her right, using Clems house for premarital intercourse ;) poor girl wanted to exercise for spring break, probably.

    • This is a good explanation, though to add a tweak: Sandra must have managed to kill her zombie boyfriend, which is why we never see him, but not before being bitten and wounded badly enough that she can't make it to the phone or otherwise do anything but die from her bite in the house. This would explain why we fight only one zombie in the house.

      Still not sure where Sandra teleported from, though. How do brainless zombies get so good at stealth?

      Regardless, this explanation is somewhat more believable than 'Clem the sociopath', since Clem behaves in the exact opposite way from being a psycho killer through the entire remainder of the game.

      • What irritates me though: AFAIK Clem told Lee there were scavengers looting for stuff in the house, can't remember the scene in the game though, gotta look it up. If so, howcome walker Sandra couldn't hear or see them?

  • No, I'm guessing the infection got her but to the dudes who said walkers got in, ya'll might be right cause the place was wreck on the inside and clem was in the treehouse so your guess is better then mine

  • Thanks for all the replies and alternate theories.

    One thing still bothers me though, Clem throughout the series is never able to get away from any walkers on her own. When Sandra turned Clem was able to avoid a grisly fate.

    I like the boyfriend idea (Thank you TheMissus), it could explain the blocked off staircase. Sandra and her dying boyfriend headed upstairs where she was bit. She blocked off the stairs with the bookcase trapping the walker upstairs. She died slowly of fever and blood loss in the kitchen. Clem seeing her babysitter dying retreated to her safe place in her treehouse and stayed there out of fear.

    Now we have Clem back to an innocent and blank slate ready to learn from her adventures with Lee and co. Can't wait to see how it all pans out in season 2.

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