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Story Arch Theory

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I've got this crap figured out. Pack it up boys, we're done here.

Well... Not really. xP I think I have a pretty good theory though. Here goes:

Badger put Faith's head on the steps, check out my "Badger" thread for an explanation of why I think this. Faith is probably not dead, since, as we know, Snow can't be dead. I suppose we could be dealing with a sloppy "sometimes serial killer" here, but I'm going to bet on consistency. There's a pair of lips on Faith's ribbon (I recommend replaying the beginning of the game or watching a Let's Play to see them. They're clearly visible if you look closely enough) and I think this is what's keeping Faith from answering Bigby's questions, and Mirror from showing Faith's location. This would explain why when asked their respective questions they both respond with the phrase "These lips are sealed."

Screw how paragraphs work, I'm splitting this crap here to reduce the wall of text. Anyway, Badger put Faith's head there to frame Bigby, but not entirely of his own accord. He's been promised a better life in Fabletown and away from The Farm by our true villain, who plans to take over Fabletown after incriminating Bigby and manipulating Crane. How is this villain going to incriminate Bigby you ask? Easy! Anyone can frame someone if they have enough information on them. That's where the Boy who Cried Wolf comes in! He may have been promised a better life as well, but I doubt he would need much extra incentive to get back at Bigby.

That's essentially my theory. There's still a lot that it doesn't cover, but I think that this is the basic arch that the story will take: Villain stages murders using Fabletown's under-class by promising them a better life, frames Bigby using the help of some of Bigby's already established enemies, attempts to take over Fabletown, ???, crap hits the fan.

Feel free to let me know what you think. I'm most likely completely wrong, but speculating is still fun. ^_^



  • It's a great theory!There are so many hints of that in the game.How everyone hates Bigby and how Snow receives complaints all the time is greatly emphasized.When Snow's talk about the system in the taxi seems to be very important and also just to see Holly and Gren's attitude towards you at the bar because they feel let down.

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    Thanks! I agree, they really wanted to sell the concept that you and your department have a reason to be disliked by much of Fabletown.

    One more thing, the marks on Toad's window. They seem to be four distinct claw marks per hand. It's implied that somehow Dum left these in Toad's apartment... But how? HE AIN'T GOT NO CLAWS. Although I can't think of a reason that Badger would have been there (unless maybe Toad is in on the shenanigans as well), after looking up a picture of Badger claws, it fits:

    Alt text

    EDIT: Okay, crazy idea: What if Toad gave Badger his Glamour, and that's why he doesn't have one in the first scene of the game? Badger may have gone to Toad's apartment (through his window, because he didn't want to be seen), told Toad about what was going on ("No one is actually gonna be hurt, we just have to listen to the villain and we can have a better life."), and Toad gave him his Glamour. I haven't read the comics, but apparently the Badger is a very friendly character, so all of this would probably only make since if he had been fooled into thinking that this would really be good for everyone in the end.

    EDIT 2: Glamour is a spell, isn't it?... Oh, well never mind then. xP

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    It's a great theory!There are so many hints of that in the game.How everyone hates Bigby and how Snow receives complaints all the ti

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