• Yeah, the entire episode was based on Rise of the Governor. However, this Lilly is more like acknowledging the one from the Telltale game than being actually our Lilly. Her father's death in the game, created a major riff in the group, while here it didn't really do much. However, they may still use this Lilly to fulfill her comic book purpose.
    This show is really starting to lack characters I care about, so I really hope they do keep some of the new female additions.

  • There sure were a lot of fetch quests this episode. At least no pace-killing puzzles...

  • i'm just going to put this out there but on a recent ep. from the show there was a zombie with what looked like the same school jacket ben had on. so theres 2 things going on now. the show talked about macon. then they show the same kinda jacket that ben had. i'm thinking the guys making the show are waving hello through small tid bits in the show. kinda like how big time writers will add in specific lines that only one other writer like to write about in a form of saying hi or whatever other reason they had. i know King and koontz does this a lot to each other in there books.

  • It is always cool to see that kind of tribute to the work of others, however I really hope that they will increase the quality of the characters. Recently we haven't gotten any characters worth caring for, neither stories worth watching.
    Random people come and most often they die by the end of the episode.
    Except for Rick, Daryl and a few others there are basically no interesting characters. They should really take a good look at what Telltale is doing and how they are making even the simplest of characters worth investing in.

    That being said I do hope that they will do something more with Lilly than just killing her off in the next 1-2 episodes. If they take the best of her comic book, game and book versions, I think they might stumble upon something that is going to work on TV.
    Plus this show is already lacking strong female characters.
    I wanna see males and females question Rick's authority, form groups, making allegiances and basically showing that there are other people who can lead a group besides him. We know he's badass but being unchallenged kinda makes his whole group dynamic kinda boring and non-eventful.

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