So disappointed

edited November 2013 in The Walking Dead

I bought the entire first season from TellTale direct Sept 2012. All I ever got was "unable to connect to server" issues. 5 emails to TT and never a reply except a canned email that did not address my issue. I got busy and forgot about this game. Fast forward to Nov 2013, new gaming rig, all new everything, and no problems loading any other games or playing them (just as on my old rig). STILL getting the error. Are you kidding me? Asked for my money back a year ago and never got a reply and now I know I won't get it but just wanted to sound off how RIDICULOUS this is and how worthless the company support is. I will never ever recommend this or any other game from this company.


  • Telltale store is known for its bugs, that's why most people don't use it. Why didn't you buy from steam? You should try to get in contact again and get a steam code from them, it'll help a lot and this game is a must play. Don't get mad a telltale, their store is just kinda shitty

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