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Is there ANY WAY AT ALL to tell the group about Lee's past in Doug's scenario?

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I'm serious, this is frustrating the heck out of me. It's doubly frustrating because Clem seems to forget about Lee's secret, even if you told her back at the drug store!

  • As far as I know, no there isn't. That's because Lee is still insistant on hiding his past and doesn't want to confide to anyone, and hasn't got anyone who knows and kept his secret to persuade Lee to confide to the group.

    For that to happen, you need to save Carley.

    • See, that's just ridiculous. If I'm in control of Lee, I should be the one who decides whether or not he confides his secret to the rest of the group. I shouldn't simply be locked out of an option because I dare to choose the tubby nerd over the hot chick. If the PC suddenly starts making decisions of his own without the player's consent, it's the original last ten minutes of MASS EFFECT 3 all over again.

      Sigh...well, I can let it go, as long as this problem doesn't crop up again in season 2.

      • It's not that you picked the tubby nerd over the hot chick. It's that you picked the tubby nerd over the hot chick with a gun.

        That's just crazy.

        • I know. It's like Telltale is slapping you upside the head for picking Doug...which begs the question of why they even bothered creating Doug in the first place.

          This game is so dead-set against Doug, it's almost like you're flipping it off when you save him.

          • I have to agree.

            In Episode 1, the game is outright telling you to choose Carley over Doug. Carley has more screentime in Episode 1, a role in Lee's story and an excuse to persuade Lee into confiding to the group in Episode 3 (as well as a romance option), while Doug is just a bystander with confidence issues.

            For a character who is based off a Telltale staff, Doug really got the short end of stick. Even Brie, a contest character, had more importance than him.

      • It's not that Lee decided not to tell the others on his own. It's that without Carley in the group, that decision of whether or not to tell the group never entered his mind in the first place. The only reason Lee can decide to confess in the Carley scenario is because Carley convinces him to do so. Even before that point, she's someone he's been able to confide to and who he knows can vouch for him if things go wrong. This relationship probably helped sway him towards the idea that people who knew his secret might actually be alright with it.

        In the case with Doug, that relationship is never there and the conversation that convinces him to tell the group never occurs. Thus, as far as Lee and the player should be concerned, there is still no good reason to tell the group his secret. There's no "decision" there. The only reason you think there should be a decision there is because you know that a decision would exist if you had taken Carley. But that's outside the narrative of the game.

        See, this is the tricky thing about choices. In a world where choices actually affect the world, making a choice should lock you out of some choices down the road. That's how story branching works. Personally, I think that not being able to tell people Lee's secret if you picked Doug is really cool because it's one of the best examples of your actions shaping the story across multiple episodes.

        • Personally, I think that not being able to tell people Lee's secret if you picked Doug is really cool because it's one of the best examples of your actions shaping the story across multiple episodes.

          That would be a valid argument, except for the glaring continuity error that sprouts up while Lee's cutting Clem's hair on the train, when she claims Lee never told her about murdering a senator. Apparently somewhere along in the game-making process, someone forgot that Lee actually had the opportunity to tell Clem in the back of the drug store.

          Now, with a game that has to juggle so many dialogue options and variables, I can understand how this could have been accidentally lost in the shuffle, but it does make Doug's story thread just a little more infuriating.

      • I have to agree as well. While I'm not against the idea of different options resulting from having different group members, I think there should have been some different form of compensation for choosing Doug.

        Either allow the option to let Lee make the reveal in a different way, or let Doug give you a new scenario or set of dialogue that Carley wasn't able to give you.

  • CLEMENTINE: So you did kill someone.

    LEE: Yup.

    CLEMENTINE: Why didn't you tell me?

    LEE: Uh...Clem? I told you back at the drug store.


    LEE: How did you forget?

    CLEMENTINE: ...I dunno.

  • That's why Carley is better. Easy decision, the geeky guy or the hot girl?

    • I chose Doug because he looked absolutely helpless while Carley had a gun (I had no idea she was out of bullets?). Apparently I should have thought with my dick.

      "Don't talk about your dick!" -Wyatt

      • I do agree Carely should have been able to get a one armed zombie to stop grabbing her leg compared to Doug who was pinned by about three against the window. That said Doug must have been blocking it weirdly to be grabbed like that.

    • All of the choices in episode one were easy to me. I only chose who to help first. I can't understand how only 49% of players chose Duck, if they were making choices they felt were the most realistic that early on. I always hear how the game gives people faith humanity, but that kind of choice does the opposite.

  • Well in all honesty it dosn't change that much anyway. Still prefer Doug for his descriptions of chalk

  • Even though I saved Carley on my first play-through, I'm kinda peeved that we didn't get to have a small "sidequest" with Doug like we did with Carley (telling everyone about your past). Due to the curious face he gives Lee after he kills his undead brother when come back into the drugstore, I thought it would be nice to at least have had a little talk with Doug about Lee's brother's death if you saved him.

    • When I went back and saved Doug I couldn't believe how annoying he became. I thought all of the choices in episode one were easy, and I chose Carley like most players, but not because I disliked Doug. All his dork nonsense just becomes obnoxious after that.

  • Poor Doug. In every side with Kenny 100% episode, no one went to help Doug because hiding Lee's past from Kenny would only hurt his relationship with Lee.

  • See? People complained about season one too... The choices have always been this way..

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