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Where did Kenny get bullets from ?

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Doesn't make any sense

skip to 5:15

  • In this game, if you try and make sense out of the amount of ammunition expended vs. the amount of ammunition the group at various points claims to have left, or the amount of ammunition fired from a given weapon without ever needing to reload, or other such pesky questions, your brain will explode.

    • But even Kenny says "only one shot left" though.

      • And that makes no sense. A run-down of the number of times the game presents the usage of firearms in a way that makes zero sense would be much, much longer than that.

        Again, you're better off just not thinking about it than trying to come up with an answer. No matter what they say, the group has just as much or just as little ammo at any given time as is required for the plot.

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        Butt-head BANNED

        Yeah, only one bullet. It was echo or something.

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    I pray for a limited amount of ammunition in Season Two. Could give us difficult choices; Waste a bullet, or try to sneak past?

  • This is what irks me whenever fans try to defend the comic book or the television show on the grounds of "realism". The dead are walking the earth feeding on the flesh of the living, and people either have infinite ammo or none at all! Realism's got nothin' to do with it!

  • Obviously in the Ben scenario, he forgot about the spare bullets he keeps in his mustache. His stache is much like Lee's jeans, able to hold an infinite number of items of any size in a small pocket dimension accessible only through certain entryways, Kenny's being in his stache, and Lee's being his pocket. The Ben scenario happened so fast he didn't have time to think, where in the Christa version he had enough time to realize that something might happen, and took the bullets out of his stache and loaded them into the gun while Lee was getting the pipe.

  • His mustache /thread.

  • Didn't Kenny take a magazine from the bedroom suicide couple?

    Edit: Kenny takes the gun, looks at the top of the magazine and says, "Got **at least ** one shot left."

  • Is it just me or does the zombie Lee kills at 6:28 look like Stephanie from 400 Days?

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    MrNotEasy BANNED

    Lee's pocket

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