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    gupy01 BANNED

    I think Bluebeard is the killer. In fables he decapitates girls. This is exactly the style of the killer from the game.

  • Bluebeard definitely has something to do with this. Dee and Dum are obviously hired by him. Faith might be a source of income for Bluebeard through her husband, or was killed on his orders for something. Faith works for Georgie Porgie and was saved by Bigby at least twice now. If someone would want to bring Bluebeard into anyone's attention it wouldn't be Beauty, Beauty would quickly kill Bluebeard and get away with it, her M.O. is killing men that are abusive to women (especially prostitutes).

  • Bluebeard only has a history of murdering his wives. Not random prostitutes.

  • I think there is going to be a twist that makes Bluebeard in someway is allied with Bigby.
    Sort of like the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    I haven't decided in mind yet who Dee and Dum are working for, it's a toss up between Crane and Bluebeard… both are shady enough to hire those two goons under the table.

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