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Release this week?

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This Friday it will be 6 weeks after episode one was released (if my maths is right)

Now, since the FAQ says that there will be a 4-6 week gap between each episode, either we will be getting a release really quite soon OR they haven't been able to stick to their schedule.

I'm praying it's the former, can't wait :D

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    gupy01 BANNED

    I don't think the second episode of TWAU will be released before the first episode of S2 of TWD.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Please note that the FAQ is compiled by your humble moderators, yet not Telltale officials. The 4-6 week gap is an estimate based on experience - yet also on the time frame Telltale saw fit for the second Season of The Walking Dead.

    Might be a bit later this time. :(

  • I don't understand why they wouldn't be able to release it now because I have read in another thread that they were done with episode 2 and were now working on episode 3 and 4.When I first played episode 1 I thought that they had already done all the other episodes and that they would be released quickly.My guess is that TWD and TWAU will be released around the same time maybe one per week.I don't think they would release both games the same week.Anyway,something tells me that it will be worth waiting for :)

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      Ah, that is a really good point to make. Unfortunately, it isn't as easy as it seems. The designers and script writers, from whom this comment stems, are 'done with' episode 2. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the voiceover work, animation and programming - or Microsoft and Sony's certification process for the console releases - are also done.

      It's a bit unsettling that we haven't yet heard anything about episode 2 when we're in week six after the first episode. I'd also guess that TWaU episode 2 and TWD episode 1 will follow in rather close succession, mostly because they have to. Telltale doesn't want to release these episodes on the same day, naturally, and they have exactly four weeks left this year in which they CAN release episodes.

      • Is there the possibility that episode 2 has been delayed until TWD season 2 is finished so that Telltale takes it in turns releasing episodes?

        So it goes TWAU 1, TWD 1, TWAU 2, TWD 2 etc.? Yes I'm aware that I sound like a conspiracy theorist :p

        • That would make no sense. If they wanted to finish TWD S.2 Before releasing E.2 of TWAU they probably wouldn't even have bothered releasing episode 1 of TWAU in the first place.

          That'd be like Matt Groening saying "We will release this episode of Simpsons, then wait until Futurama is cancelled again to broadcast the rest of The Simpsons episodes".

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          Vainamoinen Moderator

          Is there the possibility that episode 2 has been delayed until TWD season 2 is finished so that Telltale takes it in turns releasing episodes?

          There are different teams working on these games, so GENERALLY, I'd say that this is not a decision Telltale naturally 'makes'.

          However, I could imagine that Telltale wishes to avoid releasing TWaU 1.2 and TWD 2.1 in the very same week. If they more or less finish these episodes at the same time, they have to decide which one to release first.

          But that really, REALLY is the only instance I could think of in which you could assume they'd rather let their flagship sail out of the harbor first.

  • its been six weeks all ready were those time go on the other hand telltale games should release the games when there ready not everyone is gonna buy both games

  • Six weeks is probably enough time to make a new episode if there isn't too many new elements needed to be introduced, plus they probably started working on ep 2 awhile before the release of ep 1. I am very confident that the next episode's release will be done before the end of next week. I'm also looking forward to play TWDS2.

  • My guess has always been it would be released before TWD season 2 episode 1, and I still think it will be. It should be next week and if not I wouldnt assume it would be any later than the first week in December

  • The real bugger in this is because it's almost simultaneous release (not one-two-one-two), they can't borrow team members (ie. testers and programmers) from each other at crunch time.

    • But they are using diff staff for each game so ud hope they wouldn't need to n have enough man power already.

      • I meant if they found they had too much to do in too little time for whatever reason at the debugging stage, that's when each team could do with a supercharge to get the episode out on time. That's the thing with programs and games (especially games) - you never know where the bugs are going to be, how many and how long each will take to fix.

        It's also possible that the test-debug team is independent of each game dev team, then the problem would be not enough staff and/or time.

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    Kenny- BANNED

    There's no trailer for episode 2 so I don't think it's gonna release this week or next week.

  • We could all wake up to a nice surprise to find out its been released tomorrow (telltale like to release on fridays).. If not I hope it is by next friday as im getting ansy

  • Telltale why you no surprise me

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