Being the Big "Bad" Wolf

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So I have always been curious about how the story chnages if you pick on the negative or bad desicions in the game. So i thought I would share that tonight at 9pm CST (GMT -6) I will be streaming a playthrough of The Wolf Among Us and only choosing negative or evil choices. I would Like to invite you all to come and join in the conversation and have some fun. I have enjoyed lurking around this community for the past week or so and think it would be fun to get a lively conversation rolling about the game while playing it. After Ep1 is done I think I will play through The Walking Dead Season One and make all the bad choices there as well if I have time.

Here is the info:

Live Stream: The Wolf Among Us Ep 1 "Faith"
Making all the bad choices.
9pm CST(GMT -6)

Hope to see you all there.

I should also add that this is my frist time livestreaming so wish me luck :)


  • Picking bad choices will affect you in the following episodes. You will lose trust with the characters.

  • Should be interesting. I may stop by for a bit if I'm not busy replaying it myself later. xD

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