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Are you going to trust anyone in Season 2?

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The only people I'm going trust is Kenny, christa, omid and maybe Glenn if he's in Season 2.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    Obviously not everyone. I will of course trust old character Clementine have seen before, but strangers and 400 Days characters, no.

  • My policy:

    • Be kind and diplomatic

    • Offer help if you can afford to give it

    • Trust people you have met before (Old group members minus Lilly, not sure how well a meeting with her would be considering Lee left her on the side of the road).

    • Be open to trusting strangers.

    • And most importantly, ALWAYS CARY A LOADED GUN. If they want to carry one around, that's fine too, but guns are an equalizer. A man in his prime can be taken out by a little girl with a well placed bullet. If they have a no weapons policy inside their house/ community/ whatever, I'm not going to join it unless one of them either saved my life or was someone Clem already knew.

    • Yep. As I said before, I'm playing my season two based on choices that I would want season 1 Clem to make, even if they weren't exactly mine. In this case, I'd first have to see the scenario that she comes across.

  • I'd trust Kenny, Christa, and Omid implicitly, with no reservations whatsoever if we meet them. for serious, no joke. Anyone else, I'll be wary of, at the very least.

  • I'll just never truly trust anyone until I've gotten to know them, always be suspicious of everyone, but sometimes go along with what they want me to do.. depending on what they want me to do.

  • The best way to live in this kind of world would be dta ( don't trust anybody) .. you can rely on people and live with people without trusting them, it won't create the best relationships or living conditions but it would be far more likely to keep you alive

  • I trust Lily, Kenny, Christa, Omid and the five protagonist from 400 Days. Other than that, be weary and keep that gun loaded.

  • I agree, I will trust Christa and Omid for sure, I will not trust Vince, Wyatt or Bonnie, but just because I think if I need help they will run... OI don't know about Shela and Russel but problably will. About Lilly and kenny I'll have to analyse the characthers evaluation first, and only after I can trust them ;)

  • Don't trust Lilly! She's evil

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