did ken alive

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did ken alive or he dead and how did he dead


  • We don't know.

  • The grammar... it hurts!

  • Whether he dead or no dead, him alive is much possibles BUTT must wait till season 22 2 find whether deads or alives he is stay much tuned pls

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    Not cool, guys... Has it ever occured to you that there might be non-english raised guys among us? I try my best, so does he

  • I finally glitched through the roof and can confirm he's dead.

  • We don't know, I'm personally hoping he is alive though :)

  • And I don't think we were ever meant to know. I don't think he was written to have lived or died. He was suppose to have died as first written, but they changed it to make it a little less certain. A lot of people look at the event like there are clues that can be found to prove he lived or died. They seem to forget that it's fiction. It seems pretty clear to me that he wasn't suppose to be dead or alive. It was left unanswered to let the players come to their own conclusion of what most likely. I don't think it was ever meant to be answered either. A lot of people want him to come back, but they can't write his character into the game without him being someone he wasn't for a lot of other players.

    There was a thread not long ago about him going crazy and wanting to kill Clem in season 2. The fact that some players see that as a serious idea while others not only find it ridiculous, but feel it would ruin the game for many. He's by far the best developed and well written character in the game who's seen differently by fans. Lee and Clementine are liked by all fans, and no one else is written as well or they just aren't around long enough.

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    We don't know.

  • Me know right?

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    The grammar... it hurts!

  • That's just too bad...

    I finally glitched through the roof and can confirm he's dead.

  • We hope he alive.Not sure if dead,it possilbe,but we hope he alive.

    How he dead you ask?
    He got attackd by zombies triing to save ben.Ben sux lolz.

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    ken is kill

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    The grammar... it hurts!

  • Oh MY GOD! How many "Is Kenny Alive?" threads have been created before this one? About million I guess. Why everyone loves him so much? He was a selfish guy, who cared only about himself and his family. He left Lee so many times in danger. But almost everyone hates Lilly. Why? Because she killed Carley. Yeah, maybe. I was really pissed off too when she did it. But after all, I forgave her, because she almost every time was right. Ken was OK-guy, he died saving Ben. If he is alive, what's the point of his life? He has no one left, that's why he stayed with Ben, not with Lee. Just please, stop it already. Sorry for my bad English.

  • Five thumbs up for a comment that adds nothing to the discussion? There must be a grave mistake here.

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    The grammar... it hurts!

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