PC Windows 7 Fix for Download Content saying coming soon

Ok guys after spending all day messing with this...this is what worked for me...use the recommended semi-automatic download from the link at the top....but after you copy walkingdead102 folder to the data folder....also copy to c:\programfiles(x86)\TelltaleGames\TheWalkingDead\GameData\Pack folder....then start game and go to download content...episode 2 should say installed....then do this ONE AT A TIME for all the rest of the game folders (walkingdead103,walkingdead104, etc..)each time you copy the folder to BOTH places...start the game and go to download content and you should see an installed next to each episode as you repeat this process


  • DjNDBDjNDB Moderator
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    Thanks, good find. I have meanwhile been able to reproduce the problem by removing my savegame folder. This is a new issue though and I have just reported it to TTG.
    Your workaround can be simplified a little bit. It's enough to create the empty walkingdead10X folders in \Pack. Then the game will download the episodes silently (without any progress indicator) the next time you start it (which will take very long and the game needs to stay focused or fullscreen). It's definitely more convenient to combine the empty folders with the semi-automatic download. In my test it also wasn't required to do it one episode at a time.

    Here's a zip file with the empty folders, which is slightly less inconvenient than creating them by hand.

    I recommend deleting the folders from \Pack\ after the episodes are installed, to prevent possible future side effects.

  • MattPMattP ModeratorTelltale Staff
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    We have resolved the issue that was causing the episodes to display as 'Coming Soon'. Please try restarting the game.

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