How Did You Describe Faith to Snow?

Just a girl, a working girl, a prostitute, or kept silent?

And why?


  • I think on my original run, I said "Just a girl" because I was trying to make Bigby seem deflective at Snow's concern about him knowing Faith.

  • I called her a prostitute, I didn't feel the need to hide that now that she was dead.

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    A working girl.. a slightly cryptic, yet well-known phrase.

    Snow: What do you mean a working girl? I mean, I'm a "working girl". What do you- oh...

  • Working Girl, IIRC.

    It's been a month people, I can barely remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. :)

  • I think I said working girl. Prostitute seemed too harsh.

  • I said "..."

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    I said "working girl." Probably because I assumed that Bigby would have treated Snow like a princess (since she was one in the Homelands, and he's enamored of her), so I figured he wouldn't have sugar coated it exactly, but he probably wouldn't have been overly blunt either. Working girl seemed to fit.

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    'Working girl', though that phrase feels a bit dated, even for the 80s. Feels to fit right in with the hardboiled detective vibe Bigby gives off, though.

  • Working girl.

  • I used the same words as the woodsman and said she was just some stupid **** since it seemed to be the most accurate description for her. I want to play Bigby as an honest Sheriff, and not some lying scumbag. At first I got excited and thought I had gotten my $100 back when I saw something in her mouth.

    I felt bad that I let a prostitute use Bigby by flirting with him for a few minutes. Bigby shouldn't be throwing his money around and paying for the woodsmans prostitutes and treating them like their girlfriend material. His personality is kind of dull and he seems so depressed he doesn't have the energy to speak at times, but he can do a lot better than street trash.

  • in ym first walkthrough i called her a working girls and in my other walkthrough it was Prostitute

  • In the absence of option "a lady of negotiable affection", i went for prostitute.

  • I didn't feel like I had to hide anything , since it's an investigation and you have to tell everything as it is. So I told Snow she was a prostitute , even tho I felt sad for her.

  • As did I, and I don't care for lying over what I would consider a triviality.

  • I called her a smelly pirate hooker.

  • I referred to Faith as a working girl. Because Bigby,, to me, seems so polite and a gentleman around the ladies. I view Bigby as a defender of women because he really does not like when men calls any woman out of her name and I respect that. Although I'm curious as to what if it were a woman calling another woman that word, would Bigby still feel just as strongly as he did when a man calls a woman that word? Although I doubt Bigby would ever do what he did to the Woodmans. I can imagine him saying something like, "Can't you two play nice?" Or maybe "..."

  • Prostitute. Wanted to get right to the point.

  • A working girl. I am playing Bigby as a grizzled detective who is at heart an old-fashioned gentleman, and I think that fit the best.

  • I figured Bigby didn't like the word "bitch" not only because it's derogatory to women, but because that's basically what his mother was, and he doesn't like it being used in the pejorative sense.

  • If you're talking about the comics, I haven't read it yet. So I wouldn't know anything that the game doesn't go into. I don't know when I'll get the comics but I do plan on buying them all.

  • His mother was a wolf that's all. Its not anything you dont really know.

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    did someone say breakfast

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  • The first time I played I said working girl. Bigby rarely tells the truth during an investigation, mostly says only the half-truth or a complete lie.

  • First time, working girl. Not sure why -- just seemed less harsh?
    But second time I just said girl. After knowing her story a bit more it seemed unfair to characterize her entirely by what she'd turned to to make ends meet... basically the difference between defining her by her job "she's a prostitute" and defining her as a person with a job "she's a girl who happens to prostitute herself." shrug

  • She's just a girl...who thinks that I am the one...whoops :P

  • I went with "Just a girl"....I thought that was the best, most appropriate response for my Bigby in that situation. The rest really didn't need to be said.

  • Working girl. I agree for some reason "prostitute" seemed harsh.

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