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Do you think Telltale takes aspects from the Tv Show into the comics or is it strictly comic book


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    What occurs in the game happend before the TV-series, if I'm not mistaken. Lee and the group arrive at Hershel's farm before Rick and his group when Shawn Greene still is alive. (In the TV-series we find Shawn as a Walker locked up in the barn).

    Another interesting thing is Glenn, which we first meet in the Pharmacy in Macon. Glenn in the TV-series still carry Clementine's walkie-talkie when saving Rick in Atlanta. At the end of the first episode in the game he abandon Lee's group and leave for Atlanta, where the TV-series escalate. We also learn that Glenn originally is from Macon; "Born and raised".

    I'm not sure about Lilly though, she appears to be a different person in both the comics, the TV-series and the game. She also just appeared in the latest TV- episode. But other than that the characters are Telltale's own. The only thing we really need to know is that the game takes place before the TV-series and we can easily connect certain characters and events.

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    But Glenn tells Hershel in the series that he's from Michigan in season 2 when Hershel gives him that watch? Doesn't he? I edited this because I misread your post.

  • It's been stated that the game strictly comes from comic canon. Game Glenn is comic Glenn, game Hershel is comic Hershel, and game Lilly was originally supposed to be comic Lilly, even though she shows up in about seven panels. What Lilly did in the comics made complete sense when connecting her earlier murder of Doug/Carley. Many fans had thought it was a sort of "redemption" for her killing Doug/Carley in episode 3. Right after episode 3, the Steam achievement was changed from "Woodbury bound" to "What now?" due to Kirkman releasing a novel about his supposed comic Lilly, which concurrently voided all canon of any correlation between the two Lilly's. I'm still taking into canon that game Lilly is comic Lilly, and it'll stay that way.

    The game itself has little to no connection to the tv show at all. As stated in the first couple Playing Dead episodes, the game can be likened by fans of both the comic and game because "The Walking Dead is still The walking Dead". In other words, it's the same universe.

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