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What is your favorite single item in the fables world

edited November 2013 in The Wolf Among Us

So what single item do you love or would love have, the giant magical tree in the office,the forsworn knights armor (lancelots-king Ambrose's armor),Exclaiber,the Vopal sword, Prince Charmings magicsl sword, Frau Totenkinder's shape changing rocking chair (tower,gingerbread house,etc),Baba Yaga hut or flying brew pot, the witching cloak, the farm or the buildings in it, or anything that you can think of.

I personally would love to have witching cloak lets the user fly,teleport, shape-shift,turn invisible, and have endless storage. I know that I have heard of the witching cloak before fables but I can not rember from where, anyone else know where it's from?


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