What Do You Want To See

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what do you want to see in season 2.. not who so don't give a list of characters but what would you like to see out of the game?


Clem grows into a "hardened veteran" of the apocalypse

joining a group and getting to know some new characters along with Clem on her journey

a solid explanation of what happened to everyone from season 1

a little more action orientated gameplay than season 1 (sorta like they are trying with TWAU)

Clem dying and being a new "Lee" type of character ( I know a lot of people aren't happy with having to play as a child)

so what are some things on your wish list for season 2


  • No, don't kill Clem. I would like to see Clem became a strong, mature, survivor in this new world. Also, I would like to meet Lee's wife and the senator and find out more about Lee pre-apocalypse.

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