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All That Remains.

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What do you think the 1st episode of Season 2 is going to be about?

  • Clem struggling on her own.

  • It's clearly going to be about ancient Phoenician farming techniques.

  • Oh come on people, you may joke with the threat or take advantage and make a good discussion about the episode expectations... I know joking is fun, but I'm going to shre my opinon. I guess at first the episode will start by showing you how Clem has been surviving, maybe by making the player help Clem with some shores like cutting wood or hunting or something (if she's alone), or by haviing her talk with someone about the time that as passed since the two figurine met her, like Lee talking to the policeman in episode 1 (if she's with someone).Then the action will start by someone getting hurt (clem or someone else) or by a zombie attack and she(they have to flee from where she/they are). After that they if Clem is alone she might find comeone that saves her and knows about Tavia's community or the group that fless finds or hears something on a radio or whatever about the community... At least that's how I would put it ;)

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    MrNotEasy BANNED

    We haven't seen shit of the game so how can we predict lol

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