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So how have you guys been coping with the waiting process?

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We all know that the wait is long,excruciating, and is growing extremely anxious. (I myself check every 5 minutes to see if it has released, lol.) How have you guys been occupying your time for the wait?

I've started up State of Decay for the second time. It's a really neat Zombie Sandbox/Real-time strategy game if you haven't heard of it.

I've also put some time into TWAU. It's also a very good game by Telltale, I highly recommend it if you enjoy story-driven gameplay.

I also make chill-wave music with by band, so I find that writing can often take your mind off distractions. I encourage you guys to write some short stories, music, or even take up painting/drawing. Anything to take your mind off the wait:)

What have y'all been doing for your waiting time?

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