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I need help and info on 104!!my computer is failing!!!

posted by Astrobilly777 on - last edited - Viewed by 538 users
I'm on 104 I can't go to Stinky's diner and if I click on it it takes me to the rainbow guy!!it runs reaaaally slow and sometimes freezes, skips in music, skips in speech and all around sucks!! I love sam and max, I just can't stop the glitches. can somebody help me?
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  • Stinky's is closed in Season 1. Nothing you need there.

    "The Rainbow Guy" - Hugh Bliss - is worth talking to in 104, he has something you need :)

    As for the computer issues... I'm sure Scott or Will will be able to give some good suggestions :)
  • Like molokov said, You can't go to stinky's in the entire first season. Call it laziness, but they put in season 2.

    And Hugh Bliss has something you need!
  • Orange+;67996 said:
    Call it laziness,
    I wouldn't, but whatever makes you happy.
  • I geuss it's just my crappy computer that's making it run slow... but thanks about the diner info!:)
  • also, try reinstalling the game. Maybe you just have a faulty installation.
  • I don't really have anything else to add but thought I would post since my name was mentioned.
  • The way i see it you have 4 options:
    1. Re-install it.
    2. Check what model CPU you have.
    3. Deleat some stuff on your CPU.
    or 4. Throw your CPU away compleatly & buy a new one then ask yourself why you bought that other one
  • Ededdeddy213;68248 said:

    3. Deleat some stuff on your CPU.
    Delete your front side bus, take a taxi instead.

    Or maybe you should just defragment your cpu.
  • You may also want to try checking for a newer version of the driver to your graphics card. I was also having some problems with Season 1, including Sam doing some entertaining things such as turning completely white. I updated my graphics driver, and that fixed it completely.
  • You could also tell us your system specs, so we can tell you if your computer's good enough to run the game. An integrated graphics card, which is not supported, could cause the problems you're describing.
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