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Season 2 - my prediction

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Clem leaves Lee either chained to the radiator or she shoots off the cuffs before she leaves him. She goes on to find Omid and Christa in that field. After joining up with the campers from 400 days who do not join that lady's community, they get betrayed by that group who ultimately get Omid and Christa killed, leaving Clem with less than trustworthy characters. They fight their way through the landscape before Clem decides she would be better off finding this community the others did not join before. As Clem sets out on her own she has to cross certain lines to get free from the overly protective group who did not join earlier and do not trust any such community.
[End episode 1]

Meanwhile Lee, gets picked up by another scout for the community. Because Lee is under the impression he could not save Clem, he is in a near catatonic state when he gets picked up and the other scout takes him to the community. On the road there Lee fails to prevent the scout from getting bitten. Arriving at the community we discover it is a proto-woodbury run by the governor. The Governor blames Lee for not being able to protect the scout, who turns out to be his wife, from being bitten. When The Governor confronts Lee with the consequences of his apathy when the Governor's wife is on her death bed and saying her goodbyes to their daughter the daughter gets bitten just before Lee makes the split decision to decapitate the wife. The Governor then takes Lee prisoner and puts the severed head of his wife in a jar, starting his awesome new collection hobby.
[End episode 2]

After his daughter turns The Governor keeps her locked away, but in his rage and during a staring-at-a-severed-head-in-a-jar-session the Governor decides to bring Lee to the most gruesome end he can imagine. The growing social strain within the group also creates a need for a social event that brings the Woodburians together. So the Governer decides to stage zombie fights where Lee is the one armed champion taking on countless zombies for the Woodbury crew's entertainment. Meanwhile Clem arrives at Woodbury thinking it is a new Utopia in the zombie world. Exploring the proto-Woodbury Clem discovers all is not well when she finds out the mindset the Woodburians are in. On one of her secret explorations through the town Clem finds items belonging to the people she left behind when she went out on her own to find the 'safe' community. When investigating further she ultimately discovers items belonging to Lee.
[End Episode 3]

Clem finally finds out about the staged fights, and she sees one of the people she left before joining Woodbury getting killed in one of the zombie fights.The Governor, meanwhile, seems to have taken a shine to Clem and treats her like his own daughter to cope with his loss. Clem further investigates the town to find out that 'a one armed champion' is locked up somewhere. Ultimately she manages to find Lee, but can not get him out of his prison. Clem has to find support among the Woodburians to get Lee free and escape, which makes Clem having to decide whom among the Woodburians can be trusted. Ultimately she manages to break out Lee from his prison, but one of the persons Clem entrusted has betrayed her and Woodbury has prepared for the break-out.
[End episode 4]

After breaking out Lee and Clem will have to decide which fuel stash (along with a score of Woodburians) to blow up to escape. The Woodburians that survive will either be thankful to be freed of most of the governors men (only to be gotten rid of by the Governor and his remaining soldiers afterwards) or they will all side with the governor straight away. On the run Lee and Clem will be more cautious about whom to approach and have to make several tough decisions to either stay on the road or to trust certain people and join them. After they decide to not approach a ninja looking woman with two walkers on chains, and passing a not-to safe looking prison, they approach a barricaded town ran by a father and son who take them in. After the son accidentally dies the father loses it so they leave him for their own safety. They approach the prison as the credits roll.
[End episode 5]

Can i get a job at Telltale now? :o)

Also: Discuss, do you think Lee will live? (the correct answer is: Yes :)

  • No. Sorry Lee died and bringing him back would cheapen the final episode

  • But... i want Lee to live, it's scary out there alone... :o(

  • You can want Lee to live as much as you want - he got bitten by a zombie and either turned into one or had Clem kill him. Either way, his story is over.

    Also, I've renamed your thread to something more appropriate.

    • By your logic Herschel and Merle should have turned a long while ago in the TV show. And Lee merely got a scratch while i think both Merle and Herschel got major chunks taken out of them and still lived after amputating the infected limb.

      Also Lee's death is not explicitly shown, so by any scriptwriting logic if it was not shown the insinuated may not have happened. And recovering from deaths of any character is very doable, but killing off a major character will always prove difficult because it changes the whole dynamic of the game (or tv show, etc). Thats the reason both Carl and Rick appear to be immortal in the TV show, and i suspect both Clem and Lee could be in the game.

      • The TV show /= the game.

        • They did insinuate the stories would converge more in the coming season(s) though. Also they both use similar scriptwriting techniques to keep the player or viewer's attention span in a proper curve.

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            Vainamoinen Moderator

            Also Lee's death is not explicitly shown, so by any scriptwriting logic

            Any sensible scriptwriter knows about the emotional impact of the death of the main character. Telltale won't cheapen that experience by bringing Lee Everett back.

            Besides, Jake Rodkin personally confirmed that Lee_is_dead on this forum.

            Yes, Lee's death is not explicitly shown. Neither is Katjaa's or Chuck's or Duck's and in some cases, not even Ben's. There wasn't that much detail with Doug/Carley's death also. I know that the comic and the TV show would have shown each of these character's deaths in most graphic detail. But that's the difference between comic/show and Telltale. They WANTED to make the game as graphically gruesome as possible initially, but out of respect for their characters could not but veer away in the direction of the 'graceful' off screen death. They don't need that detail to communicate that these characters are dead. They do not need to show Lee as a walker or with a bullet in his head. They recognised that the emotional impact is actually GREATER when they don't.

            It's over, and neither is there a way back nor should there ever be one.

            Telltale's telling stories in the spirit of the franchise, not fan fiction. Sure, we could have Season 2 bring back Lee, Katjaa, Duck, Chuck, Ben, Doug, Carley and Kenny, no probs, none of these deaths was really explicit. People would puke at the bad writing though, and they would hate Telltale for just plain declaring their Season 1 emotions invalid.

  • Any scenario in which Lee lives would (rightly) be seen as a cheap writer's cop-out.

    • Though i agree with that, it would be the least expected plot twits since most people are convinced he actually is dead.

      But if he really did die at the end of episode 5 i demand a zombie-Lee kill in season 2 so i can cry hysterically whilst i make Clem bash my former self's brains in :)

  • Lol , are you seriuos ? Lee is alive ? hahahaha good one good one .

    • He so is, and if he's not im gonna hack the game and put Lee's head on everyone except Clem :o)

      PreviousLee on the Walking Lee...

  • I'm sorry but Lee being alive is a pipe dream, maybe coming back as a walker if you don't handcuff him, but I seriously doubt that Lee will come back alive, maybe in a nightmare of Clem's, but not actually there.

    Kenny's alive though.

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    MrNotEasy BANNED

    lmfao no just no

    • What? Kenny is either alive or dead, and with the new evidence in the trailer there is a very strong possibility Kenny is alive! If he's alive then well I'll be right on the forums saying "I hate to say I told you so"

  • Everytime i see someone deny Lee's death i shake my head, but your oblivious denial of every fact that's presented is making me facepalm hard.

  • Lee was announced dead, so there is no point repeating that he is still alive and will come back because it will **not **happen.

  • lee either dead or a walker unless they find a cure to the zombie outbreak

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