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Language Patch?

posted by ajmlhkm on - Viewed by 2K users

Currently, I am in my Korean friends house. He is away for the weekend, and I was playing around his computer. I noticed he has Season 1 of The Walking Dead. I decided to play it, but it was in Korean (the game settings, hints and subtitles). I asked him if he knew how to switch it to English, all he told me was try to find an English patch??
I am really bad with computers so if anyone has an english language patch please tell me how do I install it
Thanks guys,

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    MattP Telltale Staff

    We have not released a Korean language pack for The Walking Dead. If your friend has installed a pack they found on the internet, then they may be using an unofficial copy of the game. If your friend purchased the game from our store, the only way to switch back to English at this point would be to uninstall the game, download the installer from our site, and then reinstall the game.

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