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What, precisely, DID Lee teach Clementine?

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There was a bit of dissent about Clementine being the protagonist because it meant, essentially, that all of the 'Clem will remember that' stuff wouldn't mean anything. Clem will behave as we choose, since she's the one we're playing as.

But I'm curious: what are the specific things people were expecting to see turn out differently depending on playstyle? What specific moments do you think were the 'teaching' moments of Clem's time with Lee?

Obviously some things are set in stone no matter what your playthrough: Clem was taught to keep her hair short and use a gun, for example. But otherwise Lee did a lot of little things over the course of five episodes that might have influenced Clem, if she saw. What were those things, specifically, do you think?

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    FreddeN93 BANNED
    • Clementine might travel by night or day depending on Lee's first choice in Episode One.
    • Clementine learned it's right or wrong to murder someone in the meatlocker.
    • Clementine learned not, or to steal in Episode Two.
    • Clementine learned to use a gun in Episode Three.
    • Clementine learned not to be afraid in the train station in Episode Three, or the other options Lee made.
    • Clementine learned to be careful when going in through the dog door in Episode Four if Lee decide to gently warn her.
    • And what Lee decide to tell Clementine at the final stages of Episode Five.

    I know I didn't cover all Clementine will remember that moments, but there are alot and I hope just the smallest detail will affect Clementine in Season Two.

    • Basically, all of it feels like it boils down to a few key points:

      1) Did Lee teach Clem to lie or tell the truth?
      2) Did Lee teach Clem to resort to violence and murder quite easily or to never do so unless absolutely necessary?
      3) Did Lee teach Clem to steal to survive or never steal even when you're starving?
      4) Did Lee teach Clem to be cautious or bold?

      Most choices are variants of the above, with the occasional exception, in particular his last piece of advice, which amounts to the choice of: stay away from cities, keep moving, go to the countryside, and keep the hair cut short. If I were wagering money, I'd say Clem will adopt some aspect of each of those pieces of advice, no matter which you chose.

      But regardless, it seems the even broader stroke version amounts to: did Lee teach Clem to be idealistic or to be cynical?

  • "[...]thaught me shooting, hitting, walking, talking[...]" paraphrase a line from another game.

  • We don't let anyone turn. Especially anyone we care about.

    • Or, alternatively, it isn't that big a deal, since Lee can tell Clementine to leave him to die because it 'won't be him' anymore.

    • Agreed, that's a one rule, but I could not do it on episode 5, she went through so much. To top it off she found her parents already walkers, to have to come to such a horrible reunion like that, it just got to me. It would have been more easier if someone else was with her to save Lee before he turned it would had spared the pain. Now that I seen your comment DomeWing33 I think I may have to replay the episodes this weekend XD thanks for the motivation.

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