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Can Big.B have a happily ever after?

posted by Gamming-Monkey on - Viewed by 684 users

Big.B is a tough lone wolf, but seeing how we control his actions, can there be a happy ending for this rogue hero, I've been picking paragon choices from episode one and I intend to continue on this path but my question remains. Is there a possibility Big.B to have his own happily ever after? (( If there already is for those who read the comic please click the box to hide the spoilers ))

  • Apparently yes...

    But not really. The whole point of Fables is to show you that there's no such thing as "happily ever after." That may be how the fairytale ends, but the characters' lives still goes on afterwards and it's never quite as pretty as the storybooks would have you believe. So while I think it's quite possible that this particular set of 5 episodes will have a happy ending, I don't think Bigby or really anyone in Fables will ever really get a "happily ever after."

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