TWD S2 movement from current-gen to next-gen

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I was wondering if an employee from Telltale could answer a question I have,Will TWD S2 move onto the xbox one if I puchased it on the 360,also would it copy over if someone purchased it on the PS3 and wanted it on the PS4? Sorry if this is a worthless post or if the question has already been answered but I couldn't find any other posts about this.


  • I wondered this too as I just got a One but from what I have gathered is the game won't be released on one/ps4 until...well i don't know when, so I guess to play TWAU and TWD season 2 you will have to use your last gen console

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    At a guess... probably not.

    But that's in no way an official confirmation.

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  • I heard earlier this year Sony was working with Telltale to try and make save import from the PS3 to the PS4 but that's all I heard.

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