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Smoke and Mirrors

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As the release of next episode approaches (slowly) I've been thinking more and more about the title of next episode which is "Smoke and Mirrors" but I can't seem to guess what it might refer to.There must be several possibilities.First of all,the title "Smoke and Mirrors appears on the Fairest comics (spin-off of Fables) in the issue dealing with Beauty and her past.It is a company that is called Smoke and Mirrors entertainment and it sends girls around in the clubs to sell cigarettes.Could it be a simple shoutout to the comics by Telltale?
It could be but when I think about the encounter we have with Beauty in the game,it reminds me of the story that happens in this very comic book,the story of Lamia and Beauty (I'm not going to spoil in case some people haven't read the comics yet and might want to).Or it could be a reference to the pimp and his club where we are going to investigate in episode 2 according to the preview.But if it hasn't anything to do with all this then what could it be? Could "mirrors" mean that there are many different mirrors than the one we encouter in Crane's office? Or maybe it wasn't the real one?

  • The only thing I got was that the one policeman in the end of E1 is mirrored (gun on the left, badge on the right, mirrored police logo on the sleeve). So idk there are characters from a mirror-world? And the killed Snow isn't the "real Snow" or whatever?

    (Haven't read any of the comics. So I have no idea what could be realistic in this universe)

  • "Smoke and Mirrors" refers to Telltale's method of releasing episodes.

  • i hope it´ll come out next week :(

  • The term "smoke and mirrors" actually means deceptive, misleading, fraudulent, etc. My take on what that term has to do with the game is that it has something to do with the possibility that Snow and Faith aren't dead. That by some magic spell someone made it seem that way, and if they really aren't dead, then you could say "Oh.. Snow's/Faith's death wasn't real, it was all smoke and mirrors."

    • I think it will be twofold. The meaning you just mentioned and secondly that the deception that's in play here has something to do with actual mirrors (and maybe smoke). The policeman with the mirror-logo on his sleeve is certainly something mirror-y.

    • Well misleading would mean it has to do with Beauty. Deceptive could only be Snow's head. Will Bigby be bleeding from the neck at the beginning of episode 2, or not is the answer to the question of whether we do see Snow's head or it's a deception.

  • I have noticed that the office leaving the scene has his police patch mirrored, so idk if it is a hint or an intentional joke by the programmers.

    I also don't think Snow and Faith are really dead because when we ask the Mirror to show Faith, it says her location is magically hidden rather than showing her head or body, meaning someone has gone to extra lengths to hide her, and has most likely done the same to Snow.

    I'm not sure exactly how the rules of magic work in this universe because I haven't read the comics.

    • have you ever wondered why there is no body but only a head?

      edit: ha i just noticed the tattoo on the pimp in the smoke and mirrors pic says"kiss the girl" from the little mermaid.... im off to fly off into the wind now.

      • No, it's "kiss the girls" from the Georgie Porgie poem. He kissed the girls and made them cry.

        It wouldn't make any sense for Sebastian to turn up in Fables. He's not a character from an actual fairytale; he was created for the Disney movie.

        • i was thinking ariel and that the prince was a pimp now but you're probably right.

  • What are you talking about?

  • I'm pretty sure "Smoke & Mirrors," is referring to the misleading or misdirection of Bigby Wolf. This term comes from old magicians who would use smoke and mirrors to make it appear like they were doing magic, though they were not.

  • I think Smoke & Mirrors reffers to bigby smoking a cigarette in front of mirror... Smoke from his cigarette and the mirror that he's standing in front of. Or it could mean something like The two gerls aren't dead and its just a cover up or whuteva.

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