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EU PSN Season Pass

posted by Kenny-Lee on - Viewed by 1K users

I've bought TWAU season pass in the EU PSN Store but the download won't start.
It says it contains Ep.1, but i press download ... nothing.
Anyone else had this problem ?

  • season pass doesn't include episode 1 its sold separately... well on xbox anyway I assume its the same on psn network

  • Is there a trial unlock? If so, try downloading the episode 1 trial, then the trial unlock. It should work. Edit: At least buying the season pass should have given you the 'trial unlock', though I admittedly haven't looked into it.

    • There is only a season pass in the European PSN Store and thats it, nothing else.
      Wiki said it was released in Europe October 16th and I live in The Netherlands so that should be no problem.

  • OK. On the PSN Crossbar, go to PSN, then Account Management, Transaction Management and Download List.

    On this page you SHOULD see a list of games you own and can download. Is The Wolf Among Us listed there?

  • Odd. I just checked as well. Guess you may have to buy episode 1 then, like Trez said.

    It'll cost, based on the UK store price, about a £1 more than the PC version (steam) if you buy episode one along with the season pass. So, while it may cost a bit more, at least it's not a vast difference.

    Still an odd way of doing things though.

    • I've seen my download history it says no season pass as well, but when i search TWAU then i find only the season pass and nothing else I can press download all i want , so i've paid € 19,99 for nothing(for now)
      Not even if i search the episode title nothing is there.....
      Maybe if I go to the SEN network on my PS3 browser i will find it and if not then I guess I have to wait... tried it, it didn't work.
      Maybe the problem is with Telltale and Sony in Europe , I don't know but then they wouldn't sell a season pass would they?

  • Never mind, found it...

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