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Videos: musical rescorings of Episode 5 final scene

posted by Conviva Ebrius on - last edited - Viewed by 241 users

Some musical rescorings I've edited into the game's final scene (credit for the music belongs to its composers). Seeing that far fewer people visit or post to the Story Discussion subforum anymore, I feel I should have started the thread here in the general forum from the beginning, so I'll give it a chance here now. If some of you enjoy these and find them to be well done, then by all means do rate and share them and offer feedback here if you'd like. Hope they prove enjoyable.

An introductory highlight video (should you find the early portion a little overly sentimental, things eventually pay off well by 1:50 and especially towards the end):

A link to the playlist itself:

Links to the other videos:

(A little 'suspension of disbelief' required for this next one immediately below, and that is to tolerate and ignore the few seconds of harbour sound effects. Unfortunately, there was little way of extracting and eliminating those from the source audio. Again, this one pays off very well towards the climactic end.)

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