• I think that he will play a big role if he is still alive in your playthrough.

  • Judging by how Telltale has worked in the past, I would guess he'll end up dead by some other means in an episode or two, cutting down on the amount of story divergence they have to put in.

  • I think they learned from the Carley/Doug issue to not overpower one choice over another. Giving Lawrence a whole intricate storyline would shit on those that chose to look for Toad first. Lawrence will probably off himself midway through Episode 2 after helping you.

  • I'm hoping keeping the letter and keeping him alive will make some sort of a impact, however i'm not holding my breath.

  • What?! You can save Lawrence?? How? I've played through like 4 times I had no idea you could save him!

  • I think you're right.He won't have any important part to play because many of us didn't save him.Unless Telltale decides to do the contrary so that every game will be completely different and to force people to make different saves.They could also introduce a new character (for those of us who didn't save Lawrence) that would provide us with the same important information that Lawrence could reveal,but in a different way.However,I think it's unlikely to happen.That brings us to another important question: what was the benefit of saving Lawrence? What difference will it make in the game?
    My opinion is that Faith is not dead because Snow can't be dead as it's a prequel and if she isn't then there must be a way to bring her back. And if Bigby can bring her back then why not Faith ? Because I strongly believe that Faith will come back,if you saved the prince they will be reunited and I even think that they will forget their past struggles and start a new life together.I believe that's what the "happily ever after" chapter or achievement means.Many people have thought about Bigby and Snow's relationship but it's impossible because in the beginning of the comics they are not openly in love with each other.And throughout episode 1 we see how Lawrence and Faith have been writing letters to each other saying sorry.It would thus make sense to have them reunited in the end.

  • In my opinion, saving Lawrence does help a whole lot in the long run, since he gives away the name (and later on possibly information) about Faith's pimp Georgie, making the process of locating him in Episode 2 much easier. If anything, Lawrence is a valuable informant,but I highly doubt he will live till the end of the season anyways.

    I admit though, that in my first two playthroughs; I always went for Toad first, since he seemed to be a friend in need of help and as Colin stated: "Live is easier with friends,Bigby".

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