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I burned through this in one sitting! I know it's only five bucks, but SHEESH. I loved the Walking Dead series and bought all of them, but I'm not sure I'm willing to follow this game to completion. I couldn't believe it when it ended, it was so SHORT! I have played Indie games that cost far less and last for three to four times as long.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the graphics and soundtrack, and the story is great. But it's just too short. It feels kind of cheap. If the next episode is this short, I won't be delivering any goods your way.

  • Sound's like I'll have to buy the Season Pass twice in your honor.

  • It's not short...2 hours an episode and 5 episodes =10 hrs of gameplay thats actually above average in length and its only 20 bucks. . Not a bad deal in my opinion

    • Good point. However, when you lay down the cash and you burn through the game - and it didn't take me two hours - it feels cheap in comparison with all that is commercially offered to gamers. If you're thinking about buying this game, know what you're getting into. You'll pay five bucks, no problem, but it is not the experience you might have expected with the Walking Dead series. This is dumbed-down to nothing more than a taste of dessert. It was a great game, but it was so short it just doesn't seem justified.

      • walking dead was the same length

        • The challenge factor in WD was much more prevalent in comparison with this game. Situations, puzzles, tasks etc. gave you much more open-ended gameplay and game time. This was so linear that you could burn through it with minimal thought. Nothing proved a challenge at all. This shortened the gameplay fiercely!

          • I disagree this game was more challenging and required detective work and had more action sequences then WD.. my only guess as to why you feel this way is you were familiar with WD but not TWAU so the game felt longer to you because the choices you had to make hit closer to home? But regardless my point was I don't mind paying the 20 bucks for 10ish hours of gameplay when recently I bought assassins creed 4 and spent 60 dollars for 20 hrs of gameplay which is about the norm

            • Your assessment is valid and I understand what you're saying. It's a game, and the decisions are so far removed from my real life that I have no issue with objectivity lol! IMHO, this game required no detective work at all. It's linear. The answers are already available no matter what you choose. And yes, I'm not familiar with TWAU because it's the first game I've played under that moniker. I just calls 'em when I see's 'em. I burned through this game so fast that I was interested for a moment, and then afterward felt ripped off. It's short, dude, and it's one of the shortest games I've played in YEARS. We all work hard for our cash, but if a game can't deliver a sense of worth to its followers, then it ends up with posts like mine.

              • First of all, you state and defend your opinion with dignity and respect. There's so many people who don't, so kudos for that.

                But perhaps you're looking at this in a way that was not intended. Try it from this angle: it's about the same length as a movie.

                I think TTG kept the interactive movie/game (I think it's more the first) this length because this was simply the story they wanted to tell in the first episode. They didn't unnecessarily drag out the game, and story wise I can't think of anything that needs to be added at this point in time. It would just kill the pace, and I like the pace of the story as it is.

                Try thinking of it as a movie where you can change the outcome. Perhaps other episodes will be a bit longer if called for (I remember some TWD episodes lasted longer than others, at least in my mind). Adding more stuff for the sake of adding more stuff often doesn't make for a better story, and the story is obviously the focus here. I'm glad they trimmed the fat, the story feels well-paced.

                That said, I wouldn't have minded some optional extra's, but the book of fables provided that to some degree.

  • It was a little bit short for me too. It seems to me that every episode of TWD season one was longer than this. Hopefully the second episode will be a little bit longer :)

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    (Repost from the release date thread:)

    Telltale now aims at some kind of 'story game', and that necessarily comes with a different idea of timing than you'd normally find in games. Back in the days of Sam & Max, where the pacing in the game was more in the hands of the player, and actual puzzle content was used, an episode could easily have three or four hours of fun. They're increasingly condensing that experience to be as story-driven as humanly possible. If you cut out the exploration and shooter sequences (which isn't the direction of Telltale presently) out of Bioshock Infinite, for example, you get 3.5 hours of story out of the whole game. That's the general idea when we're discussing how long these episodes should be.

    A good story can't be stretched ad infinitum. Many stories are good simply because the writer applied heavy cuts to what she had perceived as an epos in the first place. A simple space opera with a bit of fairytale in the mix, what a great movie - five movies, dozens of novels, TV series, a hundred games later, nothing but the empty shell of a once great franchise. A 250 page children's story, one of the greatest pieces of British Literature - a 10 hour movie adaptation of the same work, about the worst dramaturgy known to man.

    Telltale HAS to keep their storytelling concise. It's an absolute must to keep their fans craving for more.

  • I believe you also have to take into consideration that this game is a sequel to a very successful game. The anticipation for fans for early release probably fuels the idea they have to release a product for purchase as quickly as possible (and I'm not saying that's what they did.). Not only that you must realize this is a sequel to a game that you have already played. Therefore you are familiar with game mechanics and controls and more than likely will increase your chances of completing the game faster than the original. I'm not disagreeing, just hopefully adding some insight to the plight.

  • Atticus007 you mentioned earlier that you completed episode 1 in an hour. The only way to complete the game in an hour is to not look around Toad's apartment and the Woodland apartments. Therefore skipping the detective work which is vital to get the full experience of episode 1. One time it took me 2 hrs 15 min to finish the game. Hence I had several theories after playing, and a few answers. Because everything is mentioned in the game I'll ask a few questions, even though I doubt you'll know the answers.

    1. What is the history behind Bluebeard?
    2. Where is Bigby's nametag from the address list?
    3. Is Grimble the security guard fast asleep?
    4. Does Bigby's clock show the same time he enters his apartment as when he leaves?
    5. Where does the bloodtrail lead to?
    6. Is there something odd by what's in the garbage can that is also in Bigby's apartment?
    7. Who is Toad's best friend?
    8. Can we see Little Red Riding Hood in the game?
    9. Is the knife at Lawrence's in the same place in the mirror and when you arrive?
    10. What does Toad say when you ask him about the door?
    11. What does Toad say when you ask him about the broken lamp?
    12. Blah Blah Toad say blah blah blah blah about the dust on the table?
    13. What does Toad say about the bloody fireplace poker?
    14. What does Toad say about the blood next to the picture?
    15. What does Toad say about the marks on the windowsill?
    16. Did you catch all of Toad's lies?
    17. Is Dee really an investigator?
    18. What were Grendel, Holly, and Woody playing before you entered the Trip Trap?
    19. Did you find the matchbook at the Trip Trap?
    20. Do you know when Bigby first met Faith before the game takes place?
    21. Why does Faith look familiar to Snow? hint: same answer as above.
    22. Who is Bigby's father?
  • The first episode of TWAU was longer than any TWD episode....

  • When I played through this episode I felt like the puzzles were either self-explanatory, non-existent or not actually that hard. That probably contributed to my own quick play-through.

    Perhaps Telltale could consider doing something like LucasArts did in Curse of Monkey Island and have two difficulty settings for the puzzles?

    I guess extra time is spent playing through the different choices though. Also your choices do effect the subsequent episodes, so you could end up playing the whole 10hr series 3-5 times to experience all of the scenarios.

    So I suppose it all adds up!

    • Waiting till the last second to respond, and listening to Snow's phone call to Vivian takes up some time. Going to the dart board takes some time as well. Catching Toad on his lies will also make the episode longer, as well as exploring every single place possible.

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