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Remembering the choices and actions

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I know that the time-gap between the episodes theme has been beaten to death. But I'll just add to the discussion that I feel that it's affecting the quality of the game. When I get around to play episode 2, I won't remember all the choices and actions I did in episode 1. The same thing happened when I played TWD. Just saying that I hope Telltele would tweak the release process for their games, giving the consumers a (in my opinion) better experience of the game. I guess I could put the game down and wait for all episodes to be released. But you all know how hard that is, knowing that the game is available and ready to play.

  • My sister had the samme issue with the first season of the walking dead, to the point where she was cracking jokes at the ending. This time around she's waiting for all the episodes to release, which I think will definitely make it a better experience for her. I can't say I've had trouble remembering the choices myself though, I think it's because of how much time I spend looking through the forums, though.

    • Yeah, that was basically what I was going to suggest. If your primary concern is about fluid narrative experience then the solution is to simply wait until the entire season is released (much like waiting for a trade paperback instead of following a comic on a monthly basis).

  • I completely agree with you! I don't remember half of the choices I made in episode 1.Also,when I played episode 1 I was really caught up in the story and in the atmosphere of the game.Now that so much time has passed,although I still love the game and can't wait to play next episode,it just doesn't feel the same and it's going to take some time to find that feeling again when I play episode 2.And I also thought about waiting until all episodes are released but as you said,it's very hard.But what I will try to do though,is to replay all episodes once they'll all be released or maybe just before the release of the last episode (so that I can keep some suspens for the end of the story).I know it won't be as if I played for the first time but at the time episode 5 is released, the memory of the first episodes will be distant and maybe blurred,so that will be enough to replay them all.

  • I was thinking about playing again to refresh my memory until I looked under extras-player's choice. So that will do just fine to remind me the most important choices I've made. I should be able to pick up right where I left off and remember most if not all the other choices as well.

  • The easiest way to remember is the Extras and how you ended each chapter, or posting how you played.

    • Or recording it,that's what I did anyways. I recorded two whole playthroughs,both with very distinct choices (i.E. aggressive and non-aggressive).

  • Please look at my post so I don't die of anticipation.

  • For me, the 'Previously' at the beginning of each episode brings me up to speed well enough.

  • I will probably remember most of my choices, but I will be playing part 1 again anyways. I just can't believe telltale is taking this long...oh wait, I can.

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