• My favorite scene would have to be... the showdown between Lee & Andy. I spared him, it was empowering to have his life in my hands after he pretty much lost all hope. Him pleading for me to finish it as I walked away was just... wonderful!

  • The Best scene to me is ben yelling a Kenny in Episode 5 and Kenny finally forgiving him. If you ask me the best way to play is having Kenny save Ben, The writing is so excellent and it is so amazing to see kenny forgive Ben that much

  • People have covered most of the best scenes, so I'll go off track a bit and go with the scene that sold me on buying this game.

    When you first arrive at Clem's house, and you listen to the answering machine. The voice acting is very well done, the music is perfect, and the fact that it allows you to carry one with what you're doing really puts you into the environment. Then the game takes over with a beautiful camera push into the answering machine as Clem's terrified mother desperately tries to protect her child in whatever way she can. "Baby ... if you can hear this. Call the police. 9-1-1. We love you ..." Within the span of 45 seconds, you had heard the world go from peaceful, to horrific. Even though you didn't "see" the world fall apart, you felt like you had experienced it. It was a haunting introduction into this new world.

    It was during the scene (in the demo) that I decided I HAD to buy this game.

  • When Kenny goes after Ben/Christa ( it depends on what you choose ) and saves them. Kenny the hero!

  • So many great moments in this game, it's impossible to choose one. I absolutely love the final scene as a whole, right from the top with Clem and Lee in the jewellery store. I love the direction, the photography, the voice acting... Very very powerful. From that first shot of Lee on his back with Clem begging him to "wake up", when you get to see him so weak and obviously dying and in that moment even the last glimmer of hope you might've had that they could be alright is completely destroyed. And how completely helpless you feel throughout the whole scene, unable to do anything but speak to that little girl that you've been protecting all along, hoping that you've taught her well and she'll be alright. And of course the very last moments they had together. Very emotional but not cheesy or overdramatic. I love how the music is sad but simple, and you can still hear the walkers faintly, a constant reminder that they're there. I was a mess at the end, definitely.

    Apart from that one, I found the scene with the starved boy in the attic very beautifully made, especially that first shot of Kenny kneeling before the setting sun coming through the window.

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