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Continuing upon the end of S1(fan-fic)

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This thread allows anyone to continue on the story from the end scene of The Walking Dead s1, and many had contributed significantly to allow this thread to still be alive and active. Thanks everyone.
This thread was created quite a while ago before the release of season 2, and despite the fact that the official story has been continued, this journey goes down a different path, and is/will be completely different than season 2, so be creative, and see how far this story can go.

The rules:
-Continue writing from the last commenter's story (do not use "reply" unless you want to discuss about their choice), with no more than one paragraph.
-To allow the story's continuity, try not to end your piece of story with a dead end.
-Don't downvote another commenter's paragraph if you dislike it, reply to him/her to discuss whether or not it should be continued upon.
-This is a serious thread, if you want to put unrelated materials or spams in the comments then please go somewhere else.

Have fun and thanks for contributing.

  • Good one , here we go :
    When Clem looked at the two behind the shadows , she felt afraid , she grapped her gun and moved slowly towards those two , the two looked at her and started moving towards her , when she came close , there was a surprise ......

    • For newbies: there are SUMMARIES of the story:

      • EPISODE 1-3 (contains pages 1-26): To be found on Page 26. Completed.

      • EPISODE 4 (contains pages 26-40): To be found on Page 49. Completed.

      • EPISODE 5 (contains pages 41- 60): To be found on Page 51, 52, 61. Completed.

      Though it is highly recommended to read through the comments since the story is full of dialogue as well as detailed descriptions of the characters and the environment.

  • ... it was Christa and Omid, the two asked her a question: ...

  • ..."Clementine, are you alright?And, where is he?" Clementine answered with silence, and tears started forming in the corner of her eyes...

  • ... Christa cried, and so did Omid, but they knew they weren't safe here. Holding each others hands they walked through the fields and into a forest just before the night fell...

  • ...they traveled throught the night, silently, nothing needed to be said, but the sadness had to pass sooner or later, there's no time to be sad as growls of walkers break the silence and Christa says "We need to find shelter...", Omid grabs Clem in his arms and the group fastens their steps...

  • ...the growls of walkers became louder and louder, Christa Omid and Clementine entered a field and they could see a barn and a house in the distance, but they were not alone....

    • ... it was Molly, walking towards them, growling and stumbling - they realized immediately it was too late for her, but not too late for Hilda ...

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        AHouseDivided BANNED

        I have been reading this fan fic and holy crap, you guys started from newbies to complete expert story-writers.

        • It's all about progress. Little by little we become better writers with each page. The mistakes we've made before, and the success we have now, come together to forum a group fic 32 pages and growing, opening a path for new readers to join in. That's our fanfiction. That's our group fic. Our fic is the fic that will create better writers.

        • If anyone reads this, I am baffled by the sudden change in behavior from AHouseDivided. He started out as a pretty nice guy but then he started to post all that... Crap.

          Do you think his account was hacked or something?

          EDIT: I guess we figured that one out.

  • They ran and their only choice was to enter that house , locking its door and windows and looking for a way to distract those walkers around them , but after a few minutes , they were desperate , they didn't have solutions and ammo almost ran out ...
    Clem heard a voice from her walkie takie saying : Don't leave your things behind young lady , I'm out from the hotel and I'm heading towards you .

  • ... The voice was distorted and unrecognizable, and Christa decided they had no time to wait. Everyone ran to the first floor balcony trying to find a way out. Looking at the open barn Clem sees an old jeep, now the "only" thing to do is find a way to the barn and hope the jeep works...

  • ...and has gas. Clem's heart was beating, but she remembered lee's words.

    "Never let yourself get trapped."

    "We should make sure we don't get stuck in that barn.", said Clem. Omid and Christa looked at each other, and nodded. "We should find a weapon. One for each of us." After a quick look around, Clementine found a walking stick, but Omid and Christa were still unarmed. Each grabbed a piece of a broken floorboard. They headed downstairs...

  • ...Walkers were allover the downstairs, the only thing they could do was push through. "Just keep moving I guess" said Omid. They readied themselves and pushed through the zombie infested room. Cracking skulls and treading over corpses they were almost out...

    • ...when both Omid and Christa was floored by walkers. While having one walker each weighing them down, struggling to get up, Clem stood in front of a decision. She raised her stick and...

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