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Hey guys, Recently I finally downloaded and played the demo for Walking dead after hearing so much about it but esp. after the rumour on the internet which said Telltale might do a Game of Thrones game (which I hope is true) and Im also very much interested in Wolf among us.

So, I downloaded the demo and it said the 1st episode is available for free, ofcourse I downloaded it and played it......... AWESOME and now I want to play all of the episodes. The problem is, I downloaded the demo and 1st free episode on my UK PSN account but I have credit in my US PSN account to buy the rest of the game. The reason why I have two different accounts is because the country I live in, we most of the time dont know which region disk we will get when any game releases.

Anyways, so I was thinking if I buy the season pass for Walking Dead with my US account, should I delete the 1st episode that I downloaded earlier and download it all again from the scratch because it may be problematic since 1 episode is downloaded via UK PSN store and the rest of it being downloaded from US store. Please let me know if I am correct.

Also, the second thing I dont understand is that after I buy the season pass, do I have to download each episode from PSN Store? and if I do then will it recognize that I have bought the season pass and show all the episodes for free? I ask this because when I tried going to the store from in-game, I couldnt select any of the episodes from "download" menu and when I selected season pass tab it said "content not available". So It may be due to the reason I downloaded that 1st epi from UK PSN store but Im not sure and wanted to clarify that.

I have never bought any game on PSN as im more of a disk guy, so I dont really know what I am doing here.. any help would be highly appreciated.


  • If you buy the season pass, you have bought all five episodes of the game.

    So if you bought the SP on your US account, for example, all five episodes should be available on your US account. It will not transfer over to your UK account because... well, it's a different account.

  • Thanks for the reply. I deleted the demo i downloaded from uk account and downloaded it all from the scratch on the US account. It seems like its ok.

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