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Telltale gives information on how Clem gonna play in season 2 and her safety

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For people who don't have the GOTY EDITION. Telltale gives you a liltle snippet of how Clem gonna play in the Making of. So here's the information I'll gotten.

•No one is replacing Lee

•Clem fighting style is different from Lee's. She's more of a scrabbler(escapist) who uses the environment alot more instead of brawn. She no Michonne

•"We heard alot of people say if we gonna play as Clem in season 2 you better not hurt her remember shes in Robert Kirkman's zombie world the player is pretty much the only thing she's got going for her"-Kevin Bruner

  • What y'all think


  • I'm happy telltale wont go easy on Clem but I really hope they don't kill her off

  • I really, really hope Kevin is referring to non-canon deaths as far as Clem goes. If that's our responsibility, fair game.

    But a "fixed" death we can't do anything about? Like Lee's? Then I might have problems. If Robert Kirkman doesn't like that, tell him I don't read his comics anyway. :p

  • She's more of a scrabbler(escapist) who uses the environment alot more instead of brawn.

    This has been a safe assumption. After playing the Wolf Among Us I like the idea of action being a fast-paced branching segment. With events like frantically trying to grab the right weapon, or choosing a place to hide.

  • This was what I was thinking. There is no way she could handle an adult in head to head combat without a firearm. The combat in this season should be interesting.

    Also, this reincfoces my standard tactic of finding a gun being a top priority. Without a gun, Clem doesn't stand much of a chance.

    • I wonder how far telltale gonna go with Clem getting hurt.

      • I feel it would be cheesy if she was always out of harm's way. She is going to need to get hurt eventually because in the world she lives in death is something always lurking around the corner and danger is everywhere.

    • I think she is going to be on the cautious size. When you are someone like lee you voice your opinions and disagree with people because he knows that he can handle someone being mad at him. Clem probably knows that she is small and will realize she won't be given much of a say in anything.

  • I knew she have a different fighting style because she is much smaller than Lee and I hope she doesn't die in Season 2.

  • What if Telltale can incorporate a heath "meter" in Season 2? For example, Clementine (Player) failed to dodge on a certain scene hen in the next scene, for example, the scene is to run, the player would have a difficulty to execute this one because of the previous one. :p

    • a health bar might make it look a bit "gamey" Honestly not failing in season 1 was fairly easy apart from when the controls were a bit off

      • How about that system minus the health bar?
        You could have it like Heavy Rain. If you failed certain QTE's during a fight, other QTE's during taht fight might go quicker, or be much harder to stop, or this damage will carry on through fights making it harder to survive.

  • My main concern is the dialogue. Sometimes when playing as Lee, Nothing would feel better than to tell certain characters to go have intercourse with themselves.

    • I don't know about that...Clem could get pretty damn pissed for a little girl, and you don't always have to drop f-bombs to give someone a stern talking to.

      • Remember when she gives that speech in Crawford? "We don't leave friends behind! That's my vote!" From anyone else, it would have seemed ridiculous, but it was perfect for Clem.

        • Yes, we're given plenty of hints about Clem's possible personality that we're free to evolve to our liking in season 2. One of the options that I hope Telltale affords us is to determine whether Clem becomes a ruthless cynic like Carl/Molly, a naive girl who refuses to "grow up", or something in between.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      Clementine: "Swear"

      • Clementine does get rebellious at times. Unless I remembered incorrectly, there was one moment where she does get angry and say "You can't tell me what to do!" when Lee says its a bad idea to talk to her parents about Lee in Episode 3 on the train.

        I imagine that controlling Clementine doesn't necessarily mean that the player is expected to be nice all the time as Clementine.

        I will laugh if Clementine does say the f-word the same was The Walking Dead Poop Clementine did to Hershel.

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    vixvicco BANNED

    Clementine is a survivor. She lost her parents, she had to lose a father I think she'll be ok. She will be strong for sure.Lets wait for the story and see. I doubt she will die early, not if favour for just some new character.

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