how to bring some characters back

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we know that snow white is a major character in the fables comic book but how are tell tale games going to bring her back after her beheading


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    First, it depends if Snow really is dead. For all we know, it could be a kind of illusion or glamor, and not really Snow (and for that matter, it could be the same for Faith).

    Secondly, if it's true, it depends on what the "rules" of magic are in Fable universe. Is resurrection something that is possible for someone beheaded for these characters? (I haven't read the comics so I'm not familiar with anything outside of the game)

  • Snow is an extremely popular Fable to the "Mundies" (humans). So she is far harder to kill than most.

  • Make out with her, maybe?

    It worked the last time she died.....

  • There are too many ways Snow can be alive. Snow is magical by nature, meaning she inherited her mom's witch abilities, the same ability as Frau is a possibility. Another possibility is Trusty John reattaches Snow's head to her body. The head could be an illusion. Also a timeframe possibility is no one dies because Bigby is having a nightmare, same time Bigby enters his apartment and leaves and Faith's head was there for an hour.

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