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After playing the Wolf Among Us Episode 1, I was left with much more questions than answers. All we know is that Fabletown has a killer on the loose, but who? I thought about it and came up with some theories about the killer, but I am open to other suggestions. (Anything except the red-haired guy that appears everywhere in the episode. I've seen too many of that and it didn't really make any sense to me.)

So here are my theories:

  • The Woodsman: At the beginning of the episode, it was very easy to name the Woodsman as our first suspect, however as the story continues, we start to see less of a connection between the Woodsman and the murder. I do remember reading a thread about someone using the Woodsman's axe, since Bigby deduces the weapon needed magic and the fact that the Woodsman hardly has his axe for the rest of the episode.

  • Faith herself: On another discussion, someone posted how the ribbon on Faith's neck reminded him/her of the Green Ribbon story, in which a little girl lived with a green ribbon tied around her neck and when it was removed, the head fell off. I don't know how exactly it would connect, but who knows.

  • Bluebeard: this character was known for decapitating his wives after marrying them in the Homelands, and it's easy to see (though unlikely) the connection with the murders. Based on pictures, we might find out more in Episode 4.

  • The Headless Horseman: When we learn that Faiths murder was probably a message to Ichabob Crane, I immediately thought of the Headless Horseman. It kind of makes sense and we don't even know why the cowardly Crane became the mayor. It could be one of the cases where the roles of the villain and hero were actually flipped, with Crane as a corrupt lord and the Headless Horseman as the real hero chasing the villain.

  • The Queen of Hearts: It took me a while to come up with this, but when I was thinking about fairy tale characters that like to decapitate people, I thought about the Queen of Hearts. Given the fact that Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are involved, it's possible that they are merely henchman for her. She could be operating a smuggling operation under the guise of prostitution and Faith was about to expose her, so she had her decapitated. While this probably makes the most sense, it is still a wild guess given the little evidence we start with. We just have to wait for the rest of the season to be released.

What are your thoughts?


  • I don't have any solid theory on who the killer is because we were given little information in episode 1.But if I proceed by elimination on your list,I believe that it can't be the Woodsman because he was at the bar with you when Snow was decapitated and he did seem really shocked when you tell him that Faith is dead.I'm sure he knows something about Faith but I really don't think he's the killer,it would be too easy.For that same last reason,I don't think it's Bluebeard either,because he is the first person that would be suspected it would be too easy if it was really him,same for the headless Horseman. .And in the comics,although Bluebeard is an evil character,he remains free in his castle whereas if he was responsible for these murders I believe he would have been thrown down the witching well or at least be in jail becaue this game is a prequel.Now, for the queen of hearts,it's an interesting theory but she only ordered to behead people,she didn't actually do it herself.Plus,we don't know if she's in Fabletown and what would be her motive? Why Faith and then Snow? But it's an interesting theory although in my opinion it would be too easy just like Bluebeard and the Headless Horseman.I believe that the killer is someone close to us,that we already met or that we're going to meet in next episodes and it will thus be someone that we won't expect.If the game remains as good as what we saw in episode 1,I think that Telltale will provide us with a lot of suspens and probably an unexpected and shocking revelation in the last episode.For all those reasons,the killer must be someone that we would never expect to be the killer.

  • I did sort of explain a motive for the Queen of Hearts (she killed Faith because she was going to expose dirty business and Snow because she and Bigby were on her trail.) But you do have a small point that the killer must be someone close to us. I would not expect the cowardly Toad because there isn't a connection, and it can't be Crane because as hinted in the preview for episode 2, he had feelings for Snow. Maybe Grendel?

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    I don´t think that we have seen or heard anything about the killer yet. So I guess the Queen of Hearts could be a good candidate in my opinion, with the involvement of Tweedledee and Tweedledum and such. Either she or any other unkown character

  • Actually the so called 'motive' has no facts to back it up while there are facts to detest it. If we were to see the Queen of Hearts in the trailer/preview of episode 2 then it would be possible, except for the fact that the prostitution ring is run by Georgie Porgie. So far Bluebeard has no motive, Woody wasn't near any murder crime scene hence no opportunity. Bigby said it's probably a message and the fact it was placed with care, Horseman would not place heads with care. It wouldn't be Faith because there is no body, only a head. The only logical suspects would be Dee&Dum, Peter from Peter & the Wolf, Georgie Porgie, most likely being Peter based on Cinderella's spin-offs. Peter is a Russian fable.

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    "Either she or any other unkown character"
    Unknown Character you say? I just finished recording the whole first episode, and while browsing through the videos; I noticed a character, who wasn't formely introduced as of yet, but who was almost in every key moment in the game, in some way or another. Namely this gentleman:
    Alt text

    While of course,it is entirely possible, that this is just a random character model (for mundies?), this specific one appears quite often during the game. A little too often If you ask me.
    Alt text

    I did not edit this in any way or form, he actually appears right in the friggin beginning.(Food for thought: Whenever there are people walking by in the background,just for the sake of people being there,their character models are always completely black. Look it up with the people walking behind Bigby when he and Snow find Faith.)

    Of course he appears once,right after Snow found the head:
    Alt text

    And a little while later before Mr.Cranes office:
    Alt text

    All well and good you say? Just coincidence you say? Objection! Why then, can he be found later in the chase sequence with Dee?
    Alt text

    With his eyes wide open no less:
    Alt text

    I know. All of this might be just coincidence. It is a fairly plain character model. He just appears in these scenes,because someone needs to be there at that point in time. (Then again,why is it always the SAME character model?) It's allright,I can follow that reasoning,I thought so myself...until the moment I lay eyes on this little scene,which is right before you know who also turns up dead:
    Alt text

    And with that,ladies and gentlemen,I rest my case.
    Feel free to come to your own conclusions. Of course you should double check, if I didn't just fabricate some pics. But as for me; I find that to be a little too many coincidences.

    PS: Btw,did you know Lawrence was in the Opening? Alt text It's always the little things.

  • Recently noticed Lawrence in the opening. In addition Lawrence could not have shot himself. Shellcase placement does not match with Lawrence's wounds and the bullet.

  • I thought I made it clear. DON'T SAY THE RED-HAIRED GUY! I have seen the idea too many times and it just sounds completely idiotic!

  • Yeah,I thought about that too. If Lawrence really shot himself, the bullet should have passed through the chair and gone into the wall,but it definitely shouldn't have hit the wall at the height it was found when you check Lawrence's Appartment. It would make sense however, when someone shot Lawrence when he was standing. Lawrence himself admits,that his memory is a little fuzzy.

  • Sorry gamertale,in my haste to write what I just found,I didn't read that properly. My sincerest apologies. But although you don't agree with this theory,which is completely fine for me, you yourself stated that you are "open to other suggestions", therefore pretty much asking us for our theories. If thats the case, forbidding certain theories,just because you don't agree with them,is not the way to go. Just saying.

  • Well, if more is revealed about him in the next few episodes, (more like an actual conversation) then maybe it could work. Otherwise, we'll just have to wait and see. Sorry about the forbidding thing, I just thought it was too ridiculous for a topic like this.

    P.S. Weird fact, when I first saw the red-haired guy, I thought he was Flycatcher from the comics. He looked pretty identical to him, save for the slick hair and suit.

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    Hey,It's allright,no harm done. Again,it's not your fault,it's actually mine. haha

    Flycatcher you say?

    Alt text
    This one?

    I haven't actually read any of the "Fables"-Comics,but judging by that overall appearance,it could work. Then again,one would have to double-check that,concerning the lore from the comics, if it could work. But I like it.

  • He looks different at the start of the comics, you should check the first episodes. No way the red haired guy is Flycatcher

  • I said I "thought" he was Flycatcher. It took me a few minutes to realize it wasn't.

  • wasnt there a character with a tattoo of a heart?

  • Well, I can safely say that it's not Peter. In the Fables novel Peter & Max, Peter Piper's the same Peter from Peter & the Wolf, and he isn't a bad guy.

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