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Which character fits you?

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When I played the Walking Dead, I was surprised by the multitude of different characters and different personalities that I could connect to. So, I decided to try an experiment. Out of all the characters in the entire first season, which character do you think totally represents you in terms of personality?

(Note: Please do not say Lee, since the player can shape him to match any personality they wish. The purpose is to see how total strangers can be similar to you.)

I'll start. The character that fits me the most must be Ben. Not only because he was a High Schooler, (roughly my age when I started playing) but he had this feeling that every time he tries to help, things end up more worse than they started and sort of feels useless to the group. This sometimes how I feel about my life especially in school when we have to work in groups, because I feel kind of useless with my ideas and procedures. Because of this, I ended up supporting Ben while others around me hated him.

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